Monday, October 4, 2010

A fine fall weekend

Good morning all! I`ve got a fresh pot of coffee on so come on in and sit a spell.

I have to tell you there is nothing like a glorious fall weekend is there? Last week was so wet that when Friday dawned gray once more I was still trying to figure out those darn kubits, you know, just in case. Thankfully by midday the sun had come out and a brisk cool wind had blown those ugly rain clouds away. So we yodeling goatherders packed up our jackets and our pom-pom`s and rode over to Miss Yodeling`s high school to root-root-root for the home team.

Sipping hot chocolate while cheering at a football game is about as fall as a person can get!

Sadly our varsity team didn`t do as well as we hoped and lost their game 48-6. It has been a pretty tough season so far but we`re going to keep our spirit high no matter the outcome! GO INDIANS!

Saturday morning signaled the opening of archery season here in Pennsylvania. This also signals the traditional early morning search by Mister for all his accoutrements. Oh sure, he does spend the night before getting the necessities ready but trust me there will be something he forgot. Usually something very important-like his hunting license-which is what he was missing at 5 AM Saturday morning.*Rolls eyes*

Honestly does the man really think I have one blasted clue where his hunting license is at that time in the morning? Has he not seen me for the past nineteen years in my early morning zombie state? Does he not recall my vocabulary until I ingest my zombie cure of freshly brewed Folgers consists of ‘UGH’, ‘MORGLE’ and ‘BLECH’?

Needless to say I was no help in the license search.

While he was gone off sitting in a tree like a squirrel I did the morning chores and started on the wash. That took a goodly amount of time due to the teen laundry that reproduces in the hamper like randy rabbits. We did get some hay put into the barn for the goats during the break in tree-sitting by my husband and then he was back out until dark which would make him a flying squirrel I suppose. Like Rocky and Bullwinkle! But if he`s Rocky then that makes me…..well let`s just move onto Sunday shall we?

Another lovely day moved into the Laurel Highlands we were pleased to see! We three goatherders did some final garden clean-up in the morning. Mostly just gathering up the implements Mister seems to leave hither and yon (And he wonders why he can`t find anything) like hoes, watering cans and scarecrows. You know I kind of like scarecrows, really I do. They help scare crows and some even dance and sing about lack of brains but when a person reaches into ones shirt to remove the old hay and a mouse leaps out, that kind of kills the warm fuzzy feeling. Gads but I hate mice!

After the other two in my family got done laughing hysterically we got around and headed to a birthday party for my nephew. The lad has just turned eighteen. Hard for me to imagine since I used to baby-sit him and can clearly recall him falling asleep in his highchair and his pudgy face dropping into his spaghetti. Where the heck does the time go??? His mom and dad invited the family to our local bowling alley and we all had a really good time! Then we went back to their house for hoagies followed by lemon cake and ice cream!

When we got home we found we had some company awaiting us. Some friends of ours and their kids had come over for a visit. One of the great things about having farm animals is watching other people`s children interacting with them.

The goats are always the highlight of any visit and really who can blame people? Goats are good-tempered (If we don`t count Dynamite the demon buck) and are as affectionate as dogs. Kids seem to gravitate to them and the goats are always willing to get some free scratches!

We had gifts of pumpkins, corn shocks and Indian corn for them, also some garden taters.

Yup, it was a fine fall weekend here. How was yours???


Sharon said...

Wish my weekend was as fun as yours! DH did the grocery shopping and town business whilst I did his last week's laundry on Friday. Saturday, DH pulled the carpet out of the gym/sewing room - made a path to drag it out the door and puffing dust everywhere, then he yanked up the (ewie) carpet padding and went the same route. Leaving me with all the tufts of padding and staples to get out of the floor (in my spare time). Sunday it was pack everything up time and the man would forget his head if I didn't ask if he had it. The furniture has not been moved back, he didn't put water on the fountain, etc and he left around noon. I hate the weekends, it's always some variation of the above.

So glad you had a great one, with Birthday cake to boot!

houndstooth said...

Sounds like Autumn has definitely found you! We were busy with various odds and ends!

Oskar said...

It looks like a great weekend!

We got your message on Pet Blogs United. Are you followers of our blog? If you are we'll add you to our link list right away!

Nubbin wiggles,

Jabacue said...

Good weekend here too! Not quite as busy as yours but productive nonethe less. I have a 'ton' of 2 year old pine trees that had to be winterized because they are in containers and will not survive our winter unless put in the ground. Have about 15 more to where to put them. Love this time of year. Cool enough so that you really feel like doing things!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!! I cant help but to wonder if me and your hubbin' are kin folk of the sorts... At least he didn't go out of town to get married and forget the marriage license! LOL still tryin' to live that one down! haha

Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful family and friend filled weekend. I spent mine peddling goat cheese, cheesecakes and ice cream at the Farmer's Market on Saturday and then at the Bakersville heritage village (home of Bakers Creek Seed Co in MO.) on Sunday. It was a fun weekend with all the people I got to meet and visit with. They really liked my goat cheese!

Feral Female said...

Goodness, sounds like everyone had a good weekend!

Why it it that men seem to have such trouble remembering things Sharon??

Oh dear Leigh! That must have been something to have to try to live down! =)

John Gray said...

caught your blog through jabacue
I have enjoyed it...a little slice of the USA on a page!!!

Feral Female said...

Hi there John Gray, and also a big howdy to the other new followers who have signed up! I would welcome you all by name but my followers list seems to have disappeared. *Sighs*

Once it comes back from the land of virtual nothingness I will drop in to your blogs with a fresh cup and a big thanks!