Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chore Time! Part one

Good morning! I hope y`all brought your Muck boots and chore coats and are willing to lend some farm aid because this bright and sunny AM we`re going to go do morning chores! Yeah it would be cool to have had the other Farm-Aid wouldn`t it? I can just imagine John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson playing in my livingroom. *Drifts off into musical fantasy*

Ahem, yes, well my mental meanderings about Mr. Mellencamp aside let`s tug on our work gloves and get cracking shall we? This is a very picture heavy post just so y`all know!

First thing off we`ll take a minute to breath in some crisp fall air on the back porch.

Sure is pretty here in the mountains of Pennsylvania this time of year. Guess we had better get moving, I can hear the ducks protesting! They`re first on my routine. I let them out and fill up thier feeder and clean out thier bathtub.

Onto the geese! I shut the ducks pen door before letting the geese out because if I don`t the barnyard Mafia tends to muscle in and drive the ducks from thier breakfast.

After the geese are out and about then I head over to give them fresh water and thier breakfast. Clean bucket of water and a scoop of mash although the water doesn`t stay clean for long with the web-footed ones!

Allrighty, the ducks and geese are done! Now I grab a dish of goat grain for the bucks and fill the bucket once more for the boys.

Once the boys are situated then we`ll go and take care of the chickens since we`re getting the evil chicken eye!

Fresh water for the cluckers and then back to the feed can to fill up thier homemade feeder.

Ah boy, the chickens are eating the goose food!

Bet that don`t last long. Yup, here come the geese and there go the chickens!

After the uphill group is done I let the ducks out of thier pen and head down the hill. The goats are done in the evening so we don`t have to do the ladies in the morning. We do though have to grain the steers and feed the cowbarn chickens. Yup, we have chickens that don`t like the chicken coop and reside in the cowbarn. Those birds get a can of cracked corn tossed into the driveway every morning.

Hey ducks, don`t be eying the chicken food!!

Everybody wants what the other guy has I guess. Silly ducks. Okay, two scoops of grain for Sir Patrick of Moo and Bubba J who are waiting with baited cow breath since they are SO hungry and gaunt. *Rolls eyes*

And that there wraps up the morning chores! This is what I do 365 in rain, snow, ice and fair weather. As most of you know who have farm animals it is a job that sometimes we dread doing but must be done. The responsibility is ours as farmers to ensure our animals are cared for. Truthfully I`ve had people ask why...why would you want to get up every day and do all that?? Isn`t it hard work??

Yup, it is hard work. And sure, there are mornings especially in the winter when I would sooner shoot myself in the foot than bundle up and have to beat frozen water dishes and fall on my keister but the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks as far as I`m concerned. Later this week I`ll show you all the evening chores which will focus on the goats heavily but also the cows get thier goodies as well!

Now I`m thinking it`s just about time for some coffee! Who wants a fresh cup??


Sharon said...

Good Morning! Oh, I'm sure that it's a real pain when the weather is rough, but part of the price you pay for living the healthy life with meaning. Of course, you get the added bonus of all the laughter when the birds try to be thieves!

Good Sunday!

John Gray said...

love the geese......
I so want a few more next year!
I worked in pittsburgh for a while in 1994 ( job swap) is it anywhere near you?
lovely scenery

small farm girl said...

I love the chores with the animals. I don't feel like they are chores. Oh, I have gotten the evil chicken eye before. Scary...very scary.

Brenda said...

Thanks for taking us out for morning chores. That was fun. Now I've got to go out and do evening chores and milk the goats! :D

Feral Female said...

My thanks for the help everyone!

I really enjoy the geese myself John. We`re near the PA/NY border-NC part of PA. Pittsburgh is in the lower western part of our state. =)

taylorgirl6 said...

I sit at work all day and fantasize about farm chores. I must be wired different!

And those cow noses look so warm and soft. How can you resist such charmers??

I was born in PA, but I've never been back as an adult. The pictures you show us are so beautiful.

~Tonia said...

I like the days where I can take it slow and sit out with the goats a while and talk... But with the visiting buck its not been possible much... ;) He stinks and he wants Everyone to smell like him!
There are days I would rather NOT do chores but usually once I get out ther eI am fine.. Unless its like today when I get out and Some one is Back in with his momma and took most of my milk!

Callie said...

Thanks for the trip around the farm doing chores. True sometimes I don't want to do the chores, but I wouldn't want to be without the chickens. Wish we could have some ducks and geese. Maybe someday.

Michele Stefanides said...

You have way more animals than I thought! Would you mind a naive question from a city girl who's only lived in a rural county for a few years? What do you do with all the animals? Are they used for food in some way, e.g. eggs, beef, milk, etc.? I've been a big animal lover all my life, but even I can't imagine doing all that work without some great payoff! :-)

Leigh said...

Who wants to come help me tomorrow??? Tell ya what, I will just leave instructions penned to the barn door. ;-) O wow... I shouldn't have said that... now I am thinking about not having to do barn chores like I think about hitting the lottery! LOL

Great post thanks for sharing!