Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The last hurrah of summer

Salutations gang! Have a sit down while I jog off and grab a fresh pot!

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. It hardly seems possible. Didn`t we just have a Memorial Day weekend?? Where the heck does the time go? Anydoodles my ruminations on possible time/space continuums aside our long weekend was busy, busy, and busier!

We started out hauling wood and over the course of three days got eight loads split, hauled and stacked. My lower lumbar is reminding me that I`m not quite as young as I used to be! There used to be a time I could go all day and not flinch. Now my old.... I mean classic body flinches when I even THINK about what I used to do back in the day!

We also did some garden work. Our pumpkin patch is drying down and for the life of us we can`t figure out what to do with so many already ripe pumpkins!

If we bring them home our geese and chickens will have them gutted before you can say ‘Pumpkin Innerds’! But if we leave them in the patch whoever decorated this one may come back for more. (Yup that’s a bear’s claw mark)

So we opted to leave most of them for now. Mayhap the bear might not come back but we know full well the poultry will be sniffing around. Well, if poultry sniffed that is.

We did grab a few to give to our family for decoration.

Call him Pumpkin-Head!

And some of our Indian corn too! Isn`t that just the prettiest colored corn you ever saw?!

After chores we headed up to my sister-in-laws for a cookout and get-together. She has one of the most lovely landscaped yards I`ve ever seen, so I thought you may enjoy a peek yourself. Gert sure has a green thumb!

Actually her name isn`t Gert it`s Roxanne. On my hubby`s side we have a Roxie that’s called Gert, a Deanna that’s called Berf and a Jeff that`s called Elmer. Mister and his one sister missed the nicknames it seems.

Although sometimes I have a few names for Mister and it ain`t Pumpkin-Head. *Smiles wickedly*


Sharon said...

Bear? OMG, I am terrified of bear! Did you leave the one he marked for himself, out in the pumpkin patch? Wow, you do have a lot of them! Pumpkins, I mean.
Very pretty Indian corn! You going to make some cool decorations?
That cook out sounds like fun! Nick names can be fun! I have one son that I call George, have since he was little.

Any of that pumpkin, pie material or just all Jack 0'lanterns?

Brenda said...

Pumpkins must grow really well there. Your patch looks like a real success.... the bear thought so too. I hope he doesn't come back looking for that one!

Family cookouts are fun. It's a great time to catch up on what everyone has been doing.

Leigh said...

Wow! Your "punkins" look awesome. We planted some last year... funny story actually. I read that they will "keep" if you put them under the house, Unfortunately... NO THEY DONT "KEEP". I was shoveling pumpkin goo into one bucket and barfing into the other from the smells and maggots.

Looks like a swell weekend! Watch out for bears!

taylorgirl6 said...

Awesome punchkins! I tell myself every year that we can't spare the space to grow pumpkins (seeing as we have limited raised bed space), but they always find their way in. I don't think it would be autumn without them.

Kritter Keeper said...

oh, i love pumpkins! i am soo jealous, send some down my way...for some reason i got a lot of blooms but no fruit. that bear claw is scary...i have kept pumpkins in the dark pantry for a long time. glad you had a nice weekend.

Michele Stefanides said...

Pumpkins and corn are beautiful. They're on my long list of what to add to my garden next year... Your sister-in-law's garden is beautiful!

houndstooth said...

Those are some big honkin' pumpkins! Holy cow! If you cut the top off of one of those a kitten could get lost in there... Do you do any baking with the pumpkin? I could see a lot of pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and a lot of other stuff turning up. There's a local pumpkin festival here where they even serve pumpkin chili.

Texan said...

Wow your pumpkin patch is amazing!! and your corn is a lovely color as well! What on earth will you do with all those pumpkins! Tail Gate them :O).

Feral Female said...

I`m thinking we`ll end up giving most of them away, after we pick our carvers that is!