Thursday, September 9, 2010

From Feral`s Back Porch

I tell ya I just love this age of computer technology! It allows me to share images with y`all within minutes of the picture snapping! Not half an hour ago I was helping Lu-Lu post her newest entry on her and Lucius` blog and heard the chickens carrying on. I paid it no mind since Lucius is outside skulking about. The upset clucking didn`t stop though and I moseyed to the window to peek in case Lucius was being TOO much of a pest, and this is what I saw.

She had been calmly nibbling on the grass and just as I snapped this one shot from my back porch the dogs saw her. Needless to say she ran back into the statewoods. I`m wondering now if Lucius is hiding under my truck wondering if he just saw the worlds biggest chicken!

Now I really have to get back to the housework....or do I???


Sharon said...

Brazen little hussy! The deer only come up in the yard when it's too dark to take a picture! I guess they have figured out our motion sensor lights.

Great shot!

Brenda said...

Cool photo!

Nezzy said...

I think ya got yourself a bunch of brave watch chickens to help Lucius out. He just might be the biggest chicken of all. Great catch girl. My critters seem to run away when I go for the camera.

God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

houndstooth said...

No doubt when deer season opens, you won't see hide nor hair of them. We've had several very close encounters with them on our hikes lately.

Kritter Keeper said...

ah, she is cute and wants to be friends! she sees you caring for animals. and of course they aren't around during hunting season...daaah! i spray a stinky coyote urine stuff on my flower box which works well in case she gets hungry for your pretty blooms!

small farm girl said...

Wow! She was close!