Thursday, September 23, 2010

The culprit is found!!!

Brrrr! Come on in and warm up!

I`ll be right back, my after-lunch cup of coffee is calling. *Trots off then returns with steaming mug*Ahhh, that is SO much better. Chatting and coffee always go hand in hand don`t they? The past two days here on the hillside farm have been very chilly. Rain and gray skies that hold that tint of fall.

I do enjoy cooler weather as opposed to the stifling heat of late summer. Being as the weather has been so cold and dismal I decided I would begin gathering up some of my yard goodies today. Too cold to dust or any other such thing! Yes I know I have said that it is also too hot or too sunny or too Monday to clean as well. Hey any excuse is good enough for me!

So off I went after doing some story whittling with my trusty camera, yellow cat and black lab. Seems they`re all like American Express and I don`t leave home without them!

Over the past few weeks a mystery has been brewing in my rock bed. (Since the bed sits over our sewer tanks bark and real flowers are out so we filled the bed with red garden stones. Digging up dirt when the man comes to clean the tanks would be kind of silly we thought.)

Someone has been playing havoc with what was once a very pretty pot of artificial flowers. When the destruction first began I assumed it was the geese, since it had their bill prints all over it. Posies torn from the stems and cast willy-nilly around the yard sounds like goose work to me! I could never catch them in the act though so I couldn`t really blame them.

Also to add to the fake-flower mystery the dirt in the pot had been dug in. Now that handiwork couldn`t be placed on the geese no matter how hard Mister tried. They may be pluckers but they aren`t diggers! Well a small chunk of the puzzle came together when my sister-in-law and her hubby stopped over a few weeks ago. As she and I were standing out front chatting a certain yellow kitten that shall remain nameless trotted by, leaped into the flower pot and then did his business. *Frowns*

I then proceeded to tell this certain yellow kitten that my flower pot was not a litter box. I don`t think he listened since his muddy little feet when he comes in tells the truth about his outdoor potty use quite clearly.

Okay, so that solved the upturned dirt in the pot. What about the flowers being pulled off and carried over my yard?? Well today as I was about to start toting my chickens (Fake chickens that is since real ones wouldn`t fare too well in a tote all winter long ) and other things inside to wash them off the culprit appeared! And it was no goose. Again this certain yellow kitten arrived, gave the remaining flowers a quick sniff then tugged one from its stem and took off like the devil himself were hot on his long striped tail!

I did get some shots of the crime before it commenced and then I had to run after the little booger trying to get my flower back. I did recover the poor flower but then decided to just toss it and buy some new ones next year. Also, as you can tell from this entry, the fall clean-up got a wee bit sidetracked.

Ah well, at least THAT mystery is solved. Now if I can only solve the mystery of where my gumption went!


Leigh said...

Your gumption skip out with mine at its side.... I think they are hiding out back behind the shed drinking Coronas and taking a smoke break!!!! When you catch up to them send mine home... I just dont have the energy to chase after em' today!;)

Hound Girl said...

Hahaha that is so cute! I have someone eating all my basil plant right now and I am trying to catch the culprit.
We are in Texas and its still sooo HOT, I am jealous of your cool weather!

houndstooth said...

Somehow, I knew a certain yellow kitten was going to be involved! Wait until you put up the Christmas tree!

Brenda said...

That's one crazy cat! I agree with houndstooth ... the Christmas tree is going to be very interesting this year :D

small farm girl said...

Well, that crazy cat! Sneeky.

Nekkid Chicken said...

ROFL "They maybe Pluckers" I love that line. I would like to pass on an award to you. See my last post.