Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Cold Weather Quintet Warms Up

Hi there! Pull out a chair and sit for a spell over a cup of brew!

Fall has sure blown into and over our little goatherding farm over the past few days. Seems like one day I have the windows open and fans blowing then the next I`m sitting here typing and shivering. I suppose I could be doing housework to warm up but I`d much rather shoot the bull with you guys! Dusting is SO over-rated.

Since I broached the topic of fall I might as well relay this tale of what has been happening lately at bedtime. I promise it won`t be a naughty tale (Darn it I know) but it does deal with naughty creatures so maybe we`ll just say it`s half naughty! The other night was when the midnight musicians had their first performance.

I had climbed into bed after booting a beagle and a yellow lab. They muttered but left the bed then I slipped in behind Mister. Oooo he was nice and warm from being all bundled up! It was rather chilly and after a curt discussion about my leaving the bedroom window open (I won by default since neither one of us wanted to get up and the dogs don`t have thumbs to close the window) I snuggled down into my pillow as visions of storylines danced in my head.

I tend to lie awake for sometime while plotlines and dialog for stories runs pell and mell from one side of my brain to another. This night though I was plumb tuckered out from hauling wood so I was soon drifting off. That`s when the night musicians began tuning up.

First thing that roused me was the ‘Jingle-Jingle-Shake head-Jingle-Jingle-Shake head’ of a dog having a really good ear scratch. Apparently Poe was trying to dig her brain out because that went on forever.

Then the next artist arrived as I worked to block out the brain scratching. Tinker had boinged back up on the bed, laid down tight to my lower back and began chewing on his foot. Now I had ‘Jingle-Jingle-Shake head-Slurp-Slurp-Slurp-Jingle-Jingle-Shake head-Slurp-slurp-Slurp’ ringing in my ears. Mister of course was sleeping like a log while I stared at the ceiling.

Then Trinity arrived. Must be Poe was digging for her cerebellum and was blocking the way to Trinity`s puppy hole beside my side of the bed. (A puppy hole is the one foot of space between the humans storage boxes filled with comics and the bed. This is where a dog slept when they were a puppy and still must wriggle their large black bottom into nightly.) Not being able to reach ones puppy hole makes one sad. The sad pup then begins to whine plaintively. Meanwhile the concerto of brain scratching and foot chewing continues but we have a new addition.

‘Jingle-Jingle-Shake Head-Slurp-Slurp-Slurp-Boo-Hoo-Boo-Hoo.”

Just as I`m about to sit up and yell for quiet the feline contingency arrives. Now you may ask how did I know the cat`s were in the room since they are creatures of stealth. I knew because one of them was under the bed using their claws to make ‘Rip-Rip-Rip-‘sounds on the side of the new mattress while the smaller one was just discovering the fantastic game of ‘Catch-the-toes-under-the-blanket’ and purring like a lunatic. Ah the orchestra of sleep deprivation was now complete and what a musical they presented!

‘Jingle-Jingle-Shake Head-Slurp-Slurp-Slurp-Boo Hoo Hoo-Rip-Rip-Rip-Purr-Purr-Purr-Ouch!’

The ouch was mine when the smallest member of the quintet`s teeth and claws went through the blanket and into my big toe. I`m the back-up singer must be. *Sighs*

The Cold Weather Quintet will be going on tour soon and I`ll be taking advance ticket orders! Call now!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that's hysterical! I have two dogs, so I get all a chorus of jingles and head shaking, with the occasional snore or puppy dream barks thrown in. Nice to find you on the hop.

Sharon said...

LOL! That sounds so much like my house, only I have a trio! Jack is the slurper, Jill is a whiner, and DC plays with toys on the wood floors most of the night.

Anonymous said...

We want tickets! Hope you are coming near our house.

houndstooth said...

We have similar music of the night at our house on occasion, but fortunately tune does not involve me yelping from toe attacks! I can just picture it all!

Pup Fan said...

Oh my goodness... too funny!

sagechronicles said...

Ha! That sounds almost like home...
Happy blog hop.

Michele Stefanides said...

Years back, we had a sextet--three greyhounds and three cats. Momma then made a rule--NO animals in the bed at night!! (Me being Momma, of course!) It wasn't as toasty warm, but sure was a lot quieter!! Our current little maniac can work up enough noise as the three greyhounds, but fortunately, my husband's snoring banishes him to another bedroom and the maniac goes with him. Total peace and quiet for Momma now, but it does get lonely!

Mister Oz said...

Lol! I sleep with a purrer trio!!

Great images :-)

Jill said...

That story cracked me up! I usually have a cat on either side of me in bed at night but at least they're pretty quiet!