Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleanliness is next to goatliness

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was a lovely and productive one!

We kicked off our Sunday with our annual fall goatbarn clean-up. We like to go down to the dirt twice a year-spring and fall-for the ladies, and since archery season opens here in PA next weekend, this weekend was the deadline so I was informed. So come 8 AM we had the Kubota hooked to the manure spreader and were off and forking!

Before we can get to the interior we have to eliminate the large manure pile that bars the path to the door.

First load goes on the corn patch!

The white hats.

After a few hours we had achieved this!

Now we could get inside and lo and behold more forking!

Now with so much forking going on it`s only a matter of time until someone gets a tine in the bottom. This time it was Mister`s bottom and my tine. *Giggles behind hand* I only made a small hole in his pants and no blood was lost.

Finally the last load is in the spreader and we`re on our way to the fields to fertilize. This is from the Kubota as we made that long anticipated last trip. Some nice colors beginning on the trees!

After dinner (Scalloped potatos with ham and apple pie ) it`s now time to call it a night. Methinks I`ll visit some of my bloggin` buddies then take a long, long bubble bath.

Have a good night gang!


Brenda said...

Job well done! I think it's great that you use what some would consider waste and turn it into enrichment for the soil. I'll bet that bubble bath feels good after a day of forking out the barn :D

Michele Stefanides said...

Golly, all that work followed by that gorgeous picture and a dinner to die for--very productive day I say!

Jabacue said...

Now that's a full days work! We could use a bit of that fertilizer here.....any extra?lol

houndstooth said...

At least it's a job that's done until Spring now! I'm sure that tine to the pants was just an accident! Really!

phylliso said...

You are making me hungry for scalloped potatoes now I`ll have to make some.
We got our barn done,but still have shearing to do-before deer season begins.It takes us a whole afternoon just to do 4 goats,and many,many animal crackers,your mountains seem to be changing color a little sooner than ours,phylliso

small farm girl said...

Anytime you want to clean a barn, I've got plent for you!lol

Leigh said...

Wow!!! All that precious poop... your making me jealous. We have to buy poop... we (we, as in livestock) just don't generate enough for the coverage needed. :)

Kritter Keeper said...

that is a lot of work! pretty view. yummy dinner, but how did you have the energy to fix it? you go girl!