Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Butterflies and old friends

Howdy! Come on in and I`ll pour some java juice over some ice cubes for everyone!

It has been hotter than Hades here in Pennsylvania the past few days! Even Lucius has decided to linger in the AC of late as opposed to tormenting chickens. This old girl is more than ready for fall to arrive.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for this yodeling goatherder and I wanted to share with my blogging buddies about it! Since the header starts with butterflies I figure we`ll go there first. Yesterday Absolem made his chrysalis. Sadly I missed it. I never seem to be peeking at them when they transform into this lovely green shell with a ring of gold.

When he pops out I`ll post the pictures. Hopefully he does emerge. We had a monarch one year that never did come out of his chrysalis for some reason or another. Keep your fingers crossed!

Aside from caterpillar antics I spent the best part of the day with one of my dearest friends from high school. She and I have kept in touch via birthday cards, letters and of course Facebook but yesterday was the first time we`ve seen each other in close to thirty years.

Mutt and Jeff of the class of `79 right!? Go Panthers!! We call ourselves that so no worries if you thought it.

Ah the fun we had sitting at my kitchen table reliving those glory days as BRUCE! would say. (You have to say Mr. Springsteen`s name like that-BRUCE! I think it`s even a law in New Jersey.)

We reminisced about so many things….

Like the fact that Miss J. had a certain class for first period and I had the same class for last period. She would attend her first period class and then mysteriously appear in my last period class as well. See there were these twin fellows that she and I were just wild dreamy about and one of the twins (Can`t recall which one because they both looked the same but he was dreamy rest assured) was in my sixth period class. She would even take the same tests twice just so she could sneak peeks at Mr. Teen Heartthrob! Why on earth the teacher allowed this to occur I don`t have one cold clue but he did!

Then we waxed a good long while about the rock concert we went to over the summer. It was held in this HUGE open arena and the line-up was to die for! Steve Miller and Peter Frampton and Yes! We used to worship Yes….still do actually. Anydoodles she and I and a couple other girlfriends went to this all day event. It was baking hot and water tankers were there spraying people to cool them off. We couldn`t recall which band it was but one of them displeased the crowd for some reason.

Personally I can`t imagine any of that stellar line-up displeasing anyone, but what the heck do I know? This food fight broke out and she tells me she can still see me, sitting on our blanket among this throng of thousands with a milk crate over my head. Seemed practical at the time! Who wants half-eaten burgers and fries smeared with ketchup in their hair?? I was hoping Peter Frampton would pick me from the crowd or something I suppose. Ah the dreams of youth.

It was a glorious day spent with my dear friend and then we went to dinner. She was very tickled to finally meet Mister and Miss Yodeling and I was very happy to meet her friend of many, many years. He is a very outgoing and fun loving man which to be with Miss J. he would have to be! I really hated to see her leave but their trip across Route 6 was waiting. I bet she was cranking up the Yes and Genesis as they drove off. I know I`ve been in the land of classic rock since I hugged her goodbye!

Still waiting for Frampton to show up though…….maybe he`s scared of goats????


ShinesterTheFourHundredth said...

'Cause this is the world we live in, ohhh... ah, sorry, now that you mentioed Genesis I got kinda hooked, myself. I'm glad ya had a good time with your old friend! There's nothing more relieving than reminiscing...

Leigh said...

Awe, I bet you had a blast! What great Memories! LOL

Sharon said...

Guess Absolem was a little shy and made his chrysalis when he saw you were busy.
Sounds like great fun - getting together with an old friend, now you have even more memories!

houndstooth said...

Owner of a lonely heart, much better than the owner of a broken heart!

Glad you had a good time with your friend! Good friends are hard to come by!

Brenda said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day! Staying touch with good friends seems to be so rare these days. I have one that I've been friends with since childhood....we were best friends in high school. We see each other occasionally. The shared memories are wonderful.

Texan said...

What a great treat to get to see your friend in person!! Sounds like you girls had a great time visiting!

phylliso said...

Isn`t it great to be with old friends if only for a short while! I`ll be seeing my best friend from Tenn when she comes up to celebrate her dad`s 90th birthday on the 17th.
My caterpillars all disappeared after eating the leaves all off the milkweed,Don`t know if something ate THEM or what?Have a great day!phylliso

Feral Female said...

We truly did have a wonderful time and shared some memories.