Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arks & Taxi`s

Hey there gang! *Waves with hammer in hand*Don`t mind me, I`m just building an ark up here on the hillside.

Honestly it has rained SO much over the past four days I`m beginning to contemplate gathering up my critters in sets of two! The only ones who seem to enjoy the deluges are the ducks and geese. The cats are grumpy and the dogs can barely take time to attend to doggie business before they`re back at the door.

The past few days have been crazy hectic, which is kind of unusual. Usually I have time in the morning for housecleaning *Breaks into rounds of giggles* Okay I spend my mornings writing. We all knew that right? Today though is the first time I`ve had to sit down with a cup of my beloved brew to pen anything!

Monday my mother-in-law and I rode up to Robert Packer hospital in Sayre so she could have some tests done for carpal tunnel. They were pretty lengthy tests that took well over two hours. I did bring a book and also happened to find the hospitals café which made some delicious latte! Then I just got home, let the dogs out and had to run Miss Yodeling to the optometrist. During all this running it rained steadily.

Tuesday I was once more on the road. We had a blood mobile at our local Masonic Hall, so I spent some time there giving some A positive. Again, it rained off and on all day.

Wednesday my dad was scheduled to have a colonoscopy. Sadly they discovered some cancer so now he also has some surgery to face just as my mother-in-law does for her carpal tunnel. After taking him back home from the same-day surgery I returned home, let the dogs out and then took Miss Yodeling back to the optometrists to pick up her new contacts. It was not raining yesterday as far as I can recall.

I did get Mister to pick up Ironman 2 amid all the driving and hustling, so guess what I`ve been watching! Only a couple times though so far, which for me ain`t too darn bad! Now today it has been pouring all day so far. Lucius made one mad dash out just a bit ago, froze in place then streaked back inside with a scowl. I told him it wasn`t fit for man nor feline outside!

Honestly if I knew what a cubit was I would be sawing as we speak!


Sharon said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad, when does he have his surgery? Carpal tunnel, no fun - does she do a lot of knitting etc?
Has been cooler here and no rain. Wish it would stay at these temps, but Autumn is here, we'll be turning on the heat next week, most likely.
Can't help you with the cubits, no idea. :(

Michele Stefanides said...

Sorry about your Dad, plopped him on my prayer list!

My dog did the potty dance most of today, would go out the door and turn right back in. Half hour ago, I chased him out into the yard much against his will. He was there for a while!!

If it gets to the ark stage, wave to me on my rooftop as you float by! :-)

houndstooth said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad! I know he's special to you.

Also sorry to hear about your weather. I hope it blows away before I travel out that way next week!

small farm girl said...

Oh, so sorry to hear the bad news. I hope they caught it in time.
Oh if you want, could you please send some of that rain my way?

Brenda said...

I hope your Dad has a complete recovery and stays strong through what the next weeks bring. Keep your chin up too. :D

Feral Female said...

My thanks all for the warm wishes for both my dad and MIL. His surgery will be in a few weeks and he`ll have a cholostomy afterwards with some pretty good recovery time according to the surgeon.

My MIL does indeed to alot of crocheting Sharon which may have added to the problem. Her surgery isn`t scheduled yet as far as I know.

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