Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shave and a haircut...

....Two bleats!

*Falls into hysterical laughter at lame play on words* Ah me, it`s a sad state of affairs when you amuse yourself so thoroughly isn`t it? Tug out a kitchen chair and have a sit down, I`ve been relaxing here with a cup of fresh coffee for about an hour myself. Lord sakes but it has been a crazy couple of days here on our farm! It all began on Wednesday when my beloved laptop began having some sort of megabyte seizures.

By Thursday it was so badly convulsing it wouldn`t log onto the internet. Frantic as any owner of a cherished Dell would be, I ran it down to the computer ER on the main road. After listening to the symptoms the good comp-doc said my dear Mama (That`s what we call my big black Dell. Miss Yodeling`s notebook is called Baby as in ‘No one puts Baby in a corner’). Sorry. My mind is the first thing to go. *Slams back a slug of java-juice*

Our tech-man said he suspected a Trojan. Usually this would be greeted with some merriment as anytime Brad Pitt dressed in the armor of Troy wants to play a visit he is MORE than welcome!

Alas, this Trojan was not of the Brad Pitt variety. I know, right? How unjust huh ladies? Long story short I just got my laptop back and she is running like a new one! I have hugged her many times since her return rest assured!

Yesterday was Round-Up for our 4-H kids and also the last chance for their quality assurance seminar. So Miss Yodeling and I spent a goodly amount of time at the fairgrounds….after taking the long about way there and home. Someone * Coughs* Penndot *Coughs*decided to close the bridge on the shortest route to the fairgrounds just in time for fair week! After taking enough time to grab a cup of that roasted delicacy called coffee it was then time for the clipping and bathing of our two fair lovelies.

Let the clipping begin!

The required bottlebrush tail clip.

Rub-a-dub-dub two goats in a tub!

I think Trinity was just glad it wasn`t HER in the tub!

Our dairy goat show is on Monday at 1 PM but as anyone who has kids who show or have shown themselves knows the running goes on all week. I`ll certainly post some pictures of Miss Yodeling after the show and let y`all know how she and the two girls did. I may not have as much time though to visit all the other blogs I so enjoy visiting and I do apologize for that. After fair week things should *Crosses fingers and toes* return to normal. So if I don`t see you all very much over the upcoming week don`t worry. I`ll be back!

I sounded just like Arnold there didn`t I??


phylliso said...

Good luck to your family at the show!phylliso

Brenda said...

Good luck at the fair! I'll bet it was fun trying to keep the goats in the bath barrel. By the way ... I have a couple of bucks that could use a bath like that! They are smelling pretty spicy with the onset of rut.

houndstooth said...

I'm glad you got the computer all sorted out!

Good luck to Miss Yodeling at the fair! I'm sure she'll do great!

Sharon said...

Know how you feel, had to have my comp completely wiped off a couple weeks ago.

Good Luck to Miss Yodeling with her girls!

ShinesterTheFourHundredth said...

Wash that goaty NAOW!!!... Oh sorry, I just had to join in on the Ahnold bit!

I wish thou luck with Miss Yodeling!

Pumpkinpuddy said...

glad your computer wasn't too sick. And I'm glad I don't have to have a bath like the goat!

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

rub a dub dub two goats in a tub looks like so much fun!! A pleasure stumbling upon your blog and looking forward to following :)