Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays......

….always get me down.

Well not always, but sometimes. But even though the day may be cloudy and dark somehow something always seems to come along to brighten a gloomy day. Come on in and have a cup, the pots just gotten done brewing.

I`ll admit the last few days here on our hillside farm have been rather sad ones. We lost a dear friend and neighbor last week, and although his death didn`t come as a shock (He had been very sick for awhile) it still was a loss. Mister Yodeling took this man`s passing very hard as he grew up working on the farm since he was old enough to pick up a manure fork.

Saturday we went to his viewing and service. He`ll be sorely missed by many up and down our dirt road. We send his three daughters, their husbands and children our deepest condolences. Naturally after such a loss our emotions were rather glum. Sunday the rain set in and today is just as wet and chilly. Good thing the coffee is hot isn`t it?

Today marks the first day for Mama to have the house to herself all day, since school for our district started last Thursday. Mister let out for work early as usual then Miss Yodeling and I met the school bus at seven. Now I could tell y`all that I spent this first day of ‘Me time’ cleaning the house. I could but you know me too well to know I spent all day cleaning. I did do a couple loads of wash though so I figure that`s something!

I did find my writing today to be rather sad and could only reflect on why that was. Perhaps it was the loss of our neighbor and all that I`m sure. Maybe it was the rain or mayhap it was just due to it being Monday and my house is empty. Maybe all of the above? Whatever the cause I muddled through the writing and laundry and decided to have lunch.

My lunch seems to be the catalyst for dog kidneys to call. Honestly as soon as I stand up from the kitchen table all three dogs have to go outside and they mean right now lady! So not wishing to have a puddle inside as well as out I let them out. Wouldn`t you know it Lucius streaked out the door like a shot. I stood with the front door open and a rather smug look I admit.

“Uhm slick, in case you haven`t noticed it`s raining outside?” I said to the yellow kitten.

I then snickered as he dashed from the porch to lurk under my truck. Lurking, it seems, is preferable to being dry. I`m beginning to wonder if this cat is missing a few bolts. Usually one has to toss a cat out into the rain don`t they?? So I decided to linger a bit and see just what a cat did outside in the rain. None of the chickens were out due to the downpour. Apparently the chickens are brainier than my kitten. The only signs of life were the ducks and geese who think two soaking days are two glorious days!

So I took my fresh cup of afternoon coffee, let the three wet dogs in and meandered to the front window to watch. Now since the chickens were smart enough to stay inside that meant that Lucius had only two stalking options-ducks and geese. By the time the cat worked up the courage to dash from under the truck for an ill-fated attack I was in stitches! He was quite perplexed when the geese did NOT run from him squawking loudly like the chickens do. When the first goose neck stretched out and that bill came closer that kitten took off like the devil himself were hot on his long yellow tail!

Needless to say he came inside nearly as fast as he went out! I had to laugh at the soaking wet goof!

I guess even if the day is gloomy we can always find a smile to lift our spirits, especially those of us lucky enough to have critters!


Leigh said...

Yes, indeed there is always something to smile about. :)
I am sorry to hear of your friend. Words are often little comfort in such moments but your families are in my thoughts.

Sharon said...

Not a rainy day here, but a Monday....

Sorry about your friend, I am sure you all will miss him.

Definitely looks like great weather for ducks (and geese!) Cute pics! That kitten! LOL! Always good for a smile!

ShinesterTheFourHundredth said...

My best wishes to the family. I hope the weather clears up!

small farm girl said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. You will be in our thoughts.

I'm glad the cat gave you a little bit of sunshine on your rainy day. lol

houndstooth said...

I'm sorry for your neighbor's family!

Somehow, I imagine a certain gleam in your eye as you stood at the window watching the hapless kitten. At least he was only foolish enough to try going after the goose, instead of a goat!

Brenda said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss of a good neighbor and friend.

I think your kitten learned some valuable lessons today. I hope he remembers them well. I was laughing just thinking about what geese do to those who come too close! I've had my backside nipped by one who thought I was too close when they were eating the corn I threw out for them. I turned and chased him. He didn't bother nipping at me again.

Feral Female said...

Thanks all for the kind words.

I too hope Lucius learned a lesson! Maybe the chickens won`t be so enticing from now on....although I doubt it. =)

Hound Girl said...

Im sorry for the loss.

We found your blog from 24paws, I look forward to reading more post and we would love to be friends!

phylliso said...

Alot of times our neighbors become family to us,when we lose the familiar wave from the porch as we travel by,it`s hard on those of us left behind.Please know as we sit here with our morning coffee,we pray that God wraps His loving arms about you & your family,thoughts of the kitten & the critters bring a smile to my face today,phylliso

The Lee County Clowder said...

Is Lucius just a youngster? He sounds kinda like an excitable kitten from your story.

Sorry for the loss of your friend.

Willard said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and neighbor.

We are not getting much rain here, but each day is gloomy and it puts one in somewhat of a mood. I really like the way you describe the events on your farm as you succeed in painting a picture with your words that accurately portrays the time of year for those living on a farm.