Monday, August 16, 2010

It`s good to be back!

*Falls into kitchen chair and tugs mug of Folgers goodness closer*

Ahhhh, now that is truly Nirvana! How the heck are y`all? I sure have missed being able to drop in and visit over the past week. I plan on getting back into the blog swing now that fair week has wrapped and school begins this Thursday. You should see the look on Miss Yodeling`s face whenever I innocently bring that up! It is my role in her life to provide wise counsel, embarrass and tease my child whenever possible.

Since I hadn`t done a lick of housework for the past week I figured I`d be good and get some vacuuming and dusting done before I sat down to write. Well the vacuuming got done anywho! Don`t want to do too much at once and risk a muscle pull or something.

Oh! I thought I would share the pictures Miss Yodeling entered in our county fair. I`m rather pleased to say she won third place in the black & white division.

Amazingly-or perhaps not since we`re dealing with teens-her premium check is already spent and she just got it yesterday! I thought I smelled denim burning after the check got shoved into her jeans pocket. She pre-ordered Fable 3 for her X-Box which is a win for both of us. Yes, I am a gamer as well as a comic geek. And yes I do love Star Trek as well. Might as well come clean on all my nerdy fronts!

While we`re chatting and sipping I have to tell you about yesterday! Actually the beginning of the story occurs a few days ago when Mister Yodeling reminded me to stop at Auto Zone and get a new windshield washer for my truck. Why is it that the driver’s side blade always goes belly-up while the passenger side remains like new?! I don`t know either but I suspect Murphy and his law.

Of course as soon as he said that it went right out of my mind. To quote my dear departed mother ‘I`d start taking my Ginko Biloba but I can`t remember where I put the damn bottle!’ That is me to a tee! So of course the window washer blade wasn`t replaced as it should have been. No biggie since the weather all week had been dry. Cue Sunday! The day we have to bring our goat’s home from the fairgrounds in their open crate. Cue rain clouds and scattered showers.

Miss Yodeling and I set out for the fairgrounds and Mister went to pick corn with one of his friends. Giving credit where it is due my hubby did ask as we piled into the pick-up.

“Are you SURE you don`t need me to come along?” he inquired.

“Pishaw! We women can handle it!” said my daughter and I as we cranked up Helen Reddy. (Actually it was Queen playing but close enough right??)

“You better hope it don`t rain,” said smug male as he eyed disjointed windshield wiper.

“It won`t,” said I and slipped it into R.

We arrived at our fairgrounds with no rain. Then we set into cleaning our girl’s pen, taking down the ribbons and boards and mangers, toting tack boxes and mangers and feed and water buckets to the truck and finally leading our two winners to the crate. Freya and Calliope were more than ready to come home and dashed to the truck, with us along holding their collars!

Things had gone splendidly despite the small problem of my child being unable to figure out her dads drill to remove the screws holding her board to the goat barns plank lumber. As this required a climb and very long legs and arms, of which I do not possess, she ended up using a screwdriver to untorque that which her father had torqued. (Mister is famous for over-torqueing.) Aside from that small sideways thing we ladies were kicking butt and chewing bubble gum!

Then on the ride home it happened just as you knew it would.

The closer we got to home the darker it got. I frowned at the crappy wiper blade as it streaked across the windshield but when the deluge hit I did more than frown rest assured. I may have muttered some very unsavory things about rain and missing Ginko Biloba.

So here we are creeping down the Muck Road at about five miles per hour. I`m humped up like Quasimodo trying to see through a little space of about three inches that the blade actually wipes and the goats are getting saturated.

We finally found a small cemetery to pull over in thank goodness! Then we leaped from the truck and rummaged around under the boards, tack boxes, chairs and other assorted fair paraphernalia to find an old sheet.

There we two ladies were, standing in this torrential downpour, covering our two VERY disgruntled goats. Goats do not like water on their precious hides. I think they are obviously made from sugar cane or something that makes them melt like the Wicked Witch or chocolate on a hot day.*Rolls eyes*

By the time we got the girls covered we were absolutely soaked! I looked over at her and she looked at me and we simply busted out in laughter. Of course once the goats were covered and we were sodden the rains let up. Go figure she said sarcastically.

Once we got back home and got the fair entrants taken back to their digs and their buddies both of us ladies came slogging back into the house as the sun peeked down.

So what Feral, you are asking, is the moral of this story? Good question. I shudder to think it may be that I should have listened to my husband when he told me to stop at Auto Zone! I`ll simply say that the moral of this story is to never drive into a raincloud with one dying windshield wiper and two complaining goats.

Oh! And to make sure you find your bottle of Ginko Biloba!!


Sallie said...

LOL! Well, it IS Fable 3. :)

Pumpkinpuddy said...

MOL. You sure know how to tell a story.

Sharon said...

Congratulations to Miss Yodeling for her great B/W photo! I like it!

Sounds like Mr. Murphy snuck into the truck with you gals! I'm wondering when you will remember wiper blades, LOL. I have noticed, the driver's side wiper always goes first, cannot understand that, same amount of swipes.....

Texan said...

I totally agree the moral of the story is not that Mr sugeested you to get a new wind shield wiper .. nope that isnt it ... mmmmmm its, its, its that goats don't like getting wet so be sure you keep a extra tarp in the truck! See it has nothing what so ever to do with teh suggestion by Mr that you should get a new wind shield wiper!!

~Tonia said...

Congrats to Miss Yodeling for her wins!
My girls did the same they spent it as quick as they got it! all well. They worked hard for that money!

Brenda said...

Great story! I hope everyone (including the goats) didn't suffer from getting soaked. The photos are very nice. Congratulations on a great Fair Week! ..... Oh and it would probably be a good idea to fix the wiper blade as soon as you get a chance. :D

Feral Female said...

Yes, I do plan on stopping and buying a new blade tomorrow. I agree Tonia, they do work very hard for thier money and are entitled to spend it on what they want! =)

Nezzy said...

What a great read! (snortin' green tea through my nostrils!) Your a hoot and a half girl. I haven't heard anyone use the word 'lick' in ages. My Granny Walden always did, she had tons of 'Ozark' in her language.

Here's sendin' Miss Yodel a big old CONGRATULATIONS on her black and whites. The girls got talent!!! Of course I don't have to tell you that, proud mama!

God bless and have a terrific day...we've missed ALL the rain. It teases us. We've smelled it, saw lightin' and heard the thunder rumble, but not rain. The Ponderosa is a dry as a menopausal woman! Heeehehehe!

Sammy and Andy said...

LOL and MOL.......what an adventure!!!!!

Leigh said...

Great story! I think I would have been tempted to go out and dry off the truck, ya know just in case the hub came home. I truly sympathize, Nothing is worse than the old, "I told ya so". ;)
Congrats on your daughters win!

Two Pitties in the City said...

What exciting wins! I do really like that goat photo.