Monday, August 30, 2010

A day of firsts

Hi all! Hope your weekends were good ones!

Did you ever notice how some days just seem to be full of firsts? Sunday was one of them days for us here on the hillside farm. It was a beautiful day, if not a little warm for my tastes. See I`m one of them ladies who likes to have to wear a sweatshirt when I step outside.

For Feral to be happy most other folks-Mister Yodeling included-are shivering. Bedtime is always fun….well aside from that of course you scamps you! I sleep with a fan or two blowing on me all summer and hubby is in long pants and a long-sleeved shirt shuddering as the arctic winds rush across his goose-pimpled skin. He has learned not to touch the fans after nineteen years or he`ll have a very crabby polar bear woman snarling about lack of frostbite on the tip of her nose. Poor, long suffering man.

Anydoodles since it was so warm we did the heavy labor as early as we could. Our first load (Of many) of firewood hauled and stacked. Now that is a sign I like to see of summer winding down!

Also as we were fiddling about stacking wood-Miss Yodeling and I are expert fiddlers much to Mister`s chagrin at times-We found our first monarch caterpillar! Every year since my daughter was old enough to enjoy it we find a monarch and let her witness the miracle of their transformation. Truly as often as I`ve seen it myself every year when that beautiful butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, I stand in awe. I`ll keep everyone informed about Absolem and how he progresses.

After lunch we then had our first archery shoot of the season. This will be Miss Yodeling`s first year out deer hunting and she wishes to try her hand at archery as well as rifle.

Dad offers her lots of advice on form and technique.

Of course being Marvel fans my daughter had to do her Wolverine impersonation for her mom!

Here she is looking like Clint Barton (An archer from Marvel comics) who calls himself Hawkeye.

First round of arrows and look at that grouping! Not too shabby for a first-time archer. We`re now calling her Strap Assassin, a quote we borrowed from Uncle Ted Nugent.

Quite a full day of firsts don`t you agree?


Texan said...

i am impressed, i once tried to do the archery thing.. dh used to deer hunt using bow. so he said here you give it a try... uggg i could hardly pull the thing back let alone shoot it lol.. course that was 20 something years ago, i think i am stronger now.. your dd aim is super ;O)...

we like it like a deep freezer at night when we sleep as well. yep... colder the better.

Sharon said...

Beautiful day - to be sure! Miss Yodeling seems to be really growing up! Good aim!
That stack of wood reminds me that fall is on the way....
I sleep with a blanket, DH sleeps with just the sheet, some times I have to cover my head, I get so chilled. (I have extremely poor circulation and unless I am moving, I am cold)
I don't believe I have ever seen a Monarch caterpillar, thank you!

small farm girl said...

That is a good grouping for a beginner. Heck, that's a good grouping for a non-beginner. lol. Good form! Tell her to watch her left forearm. OUCH!!!! heeheehe