Saturday, August 28, 2010

The bucks speak out

Hello there humans!

My name is Anakin, and this strapping fellow standing at my side is called Auron.

We`ve been putting out heads together (In more ways than one) and have decided to hijack this blog! That`s right, we bucks have a thing or two on our minds and by our dandy beards we`re going to have our say!

For weeks now my companion and I have been stuck in this pasture….without any lady goats for company! Oh sure we have nice hay, grass and pine boughs to nibble on, fresh water and comfy bedding (Although the chicken sitting on eggs in our hay mattress isn`t exactly a very friendly bedmate) and a big scoop of delicious goat grain every morning. Those things are all well and good but a man has needs!!!!

Despite how much we sing our lovely Nubian song of love and desperation that goofy goatherder pays no mind! What does a man or two have to do around this place to be sprung from this prison of caprine loneliness?!?!? Can`t those people smell how wonderfully bucky we are? Don`t they know that those lovely and enticing lady goats are pining for us?! We can tell the does are pining. They might not show it but we can tell. We`re mangoats after all! We have extra-sensory buck perception about goat ladies.

Now despite how difficult it was to type this Auron and I feel that the cost far outweighs the hardship encountered by having to use the tips of our hooves to hit the letter keys. All we ask is that you other humans speak to the yodeling goatherder on our behalf. Apparently she is not bilingual or simply cannot grasp goat-talk in its most basic form. We have concluded her mental deficiencies bar her from understanding simple caprine conversation, or she has simply not had enough of that coffee stuff she so adores.

So we have taken over this blog to appeal to you bloggers. Please, please, pretty please with a big bag of grain and molasses on top….PLEASE tell the goatherder who owns us to just let us visit the ladies. Even just a short trip down to the big barn would be better than nothing! I`m not sure either one of us can last until October! I fear we may both fall over and perish due to lack of romance!

Thank you in advance. We anxiously await your help….and we mean ANXIOUSLY!

Anakin and Auron

We`re joining the Saturday Pet Blog Hop! It`s a wonderful way to find new blog and new bloggin` buddies!


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! how Cute. Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Anonymous said...

Passing through from the blog hop. Pleased to meet you!

houndstooth said...

Anakin, if I remember correctly, you had a love child with a certain young doe last year. Perhaps it's best to keep it in the pasture!

Anonymous said...

Just hopped by to say HI!

Sniff you later, Sage

Nekkid Chicken said...

How cool! How does a person join the pet hop?
Good morning, I love your blog btw, the beekman boys, and all things farm. :o)

Sharon said...

Think you two had better just think "cold shower", she's the boss and no, means no.

Brenda said...

You'll have to tell your goatherder that my mature boys have already gotten to visit their girl friends. All except this year's young bucks and does. They're going to have to wait until October too. They're anxiously waiting too and talking to the girls every day in their special romantic voices. They've even dreamed up some pretty special dance moves. They've been practicing those moves on each other. :D

Texan said...

ok well gosh i do feel for you guys, our buck harrison realllllly says he totalllly understands.. he suggests maybe a middle of the night meeting up with the girls, this has worked for him in the past or maybe you could um well get one of the girls to come to the fence, ya this has worked for him too as lady rancher didnt really totalllly understand what a buck can do thru a fence at that point. and um well he says if that doesn't work then butt the wha hoo out of the gate till you get thru it! ya harrison is a handful!! he wishes you good luck

Jabacue said...

How can you be so MEAN to these two bucks! You got to know how desperate a guy gets to spend time with a 'lady'. so they have told me they will be 'on their best behavior' if you just allow them a few minutes of FREEDOM!

Leigh said...

Aw, Raising livestock has taught me one thing... males are all the same!LOL

goatgirl said...

Sorry guys....I'm with the goatherder on this. January is too early for kids. Take a cold shower.

Sammy and Andy said...

Hi, guys!!!

We think that when the time is right, you'll find lady friends. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx