Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Dairy Goat Show-Tioga Co. Fair

Hey all, come take a load off while I tug out the virtual photo album.

Yesterday, as you all know, was our dairy goat show at the fair. It was a hot and humid day but that didn`t seem to dampen the spirits of the kids in the goat barn! One of the best things about fair week-aside from the cotton candy and milkshakes-is getting to spend time with friends.

I ran into so many people that I hadn`t seen since last years fair and it was nice to touch base with them.

Our show began with showmanship judging. Miss Yodeling came in second out of six in her 13-15 year old age group. Our judge was a very nice man who passed along great tips on showing and care for the caprines in our lives. He also is an A.D.G.A. judge so his thoughts on the kids showing styles and our goats is very valuable indeed! Thanks Todd for a great learning experience!

After showmanship the breed classes got underway! A good part of showing is waiting for your class to be called with your animal. Your animal has to be clipped, washed and as spotless as possible. Also this is where all those hours working with your animal really shows!

Judging the LaMancha class.

And the results! Freya won grand champion rosettes for open and 4-H for the LaMancha class!!

Now we wait for the Sable class to be called to the ring.

Waiting for the judges decision.

Calliope wins grand champion rosettes for open and 4-H Sable!!!

So after eight hours the dairy goat show drew to a conclusion for this year. My daughter was tickled many shades of pink and old mom here is burned several shades of pink! But it was, as it always is, a wonderful experience for kids and adults alike.

Today I have a load of wash already chugging away because we`re due back at the fairgrounds by noon so that Miss Yodeling can assist her friend in showing thier Boar goats. Then Thursday the beef show is scheduled and a girlfriend of my daughter`s is showing some of her beefers, so we`ll be at the fairgrounds by 8:30 to watch that. Busy as the bumblebee we are during fair week!

Hope y`all have a great week and I`ll catch up with everyone as soon as the dust settles!


Sharon said...

Congratulations to Miss Yodeling!!! And you to Mom! Remember your sunscreen today!

small farm girl said...

WOW!!!!Great job!!!!!But we all aready knew that you had the best goats. hehehhe

Leigh said...

Congrats!!!!!!! And O how I am pining for our county fair... (in two weeks)! Looks like your week is filled with lots of fun! And o yes, wear the sunblock. ;)

taylorgirl6 said...

I've never shown animals at the fair, but I go every year to watch. Seeing the youngsters dedicating so much of their time and energy to raising farm animals is a delight. Congrats on all those awards!

goatgirl said...

Well done miss Yodeling! There is nothing like a big rosette...or two to make it all worthwhile. I spent many wonderful hours showing my goats at the fair when I was a kid. And the best part was just sitting around watching the people and talking with my friends.
You have beautiful goats.

~Tonia said...

Congrats!!! Its alot of work but a lot of fun!!

Pumpkinpuddy said...

How excellent! Congrats on all the ribbons.

Brenda said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad Miss Yodeling and her goats won the ribbons. What a wonderful experience.

houndstooth said...

Sounds like a great year for Miss Yodeling! I'm glad it all went so well!

Feral Female said...

Thanks everyone, I`ll pass along the congrats to Miss Yodeling.

Off I go to do morning chores then back to the fairgrounds for the beef show!This should be the last all day stint I`m hoping. My house is ready to pick up feet and walk away! =)

Texan said...

Alright!!!! yeah!!! Congratulations!!! and a big old woooowhooooo!!! are in order I do believe!!

Mister Oz said...

Congrats to Miss Yodeling!!

I can only imagine how busy all of you have been these past few weeks.