Monday, July 5, 2010

Making hay while the sun shines!

Hey there! Come on in and I`ll put a fresh pot on.

I hope all of my blogging buddies Stateside had a happy and safe holiday weekend. Ours was jam-packed to say the least. Let me get a sip and I`ll launch into it. *Sips from Nubian mug* Ah that is good stuff.

Okay Friday started off the festivities with the arrival of one of Miss Yodeling`s girlfriends. She was spending the day then we were heading off to see Eclipse. Two Team Jacob teens, me and my mother-in-law.

Mister Yodeling had wanted to go but there was hay that needed cut, so sadly he missed the theater full of Twihard`s in their Edward and/or Jacob t-shirts. It was actually pretty funny I`ll admit, to sit beside both the girls who had read the novels and yet still complained about how dumb Bella Swan was in choosing Edward. Loyal LaPush girls they be no doubt!

On the drive home to return our fellow romance novel admirer we had a brief stop when a sow bear ran in front of our car. It was twilight *Snickers at choice of words*when she dashed in front of us so we got a good look at her. When the massive boar bear that was chasing her stopped alongside the road and stood on his rear legs to stare at us we were quite wide-eyed! I would guess he went an easy three hundred pounds. He took off hot on her trail after eying us for a moment. Must be bear mating season here in Pennsylvania. Either that or they were playing bear-tag. Maybe to keep my G rating we`ll go with bear-tag!

Saturday began the real work. All that hay that had been cut had to be raked. Mister and our neighbor Mr. L set into it bright and early. I had the usual mountain of laundry to take care of and eggs to boil for my macaroni salad for a family cookout Sunday. By the time I had the wash done it was time for evening chores. Mister finally came slogging back home around 9 that night looking like something the cat drug in through the keyhole backwards. Haying is hot, dirty work and all weekend the temps here in the Laurel Highlands have steadily climbed to near 90.

Sunday was another round of raking the hay to make sure it`s good and dry. Baling damp hay results in moldy hay. Moldy hay is not what anyone wants to feed their animals so raking and crimping it very important. I went along and spent a few hours with the hubby. Trinity came along with me since if I leave her at home she cries until I return. What a big boob she is!

She had a grand time running about sniffing the freshly cut hay. She also did this in the hay field! I hope they don`t bale THAT up!!

After the raking was done then another of our neighbors came to bale it. We got 16 round bales off of this pasture and have another pasture yet to rake and bale. The goats and cows won`t go hungry this winter!

Once the baling was done for the day we and Lucius (He wrote a story about it in their blog he wishes me to pass along) went down to my mother-in-laws for our family cookout. The food was to die for!! Look at this cake my sister-in-law made!

We all left the table moaning in agony. Even that after dinner cup of java-juice didn`t make the food digest any faster! It`s 8 AM the next day and I`m still full!! Mister Yodeling is off getting things ready for more raking and then baling tomorrow. He has two weeks off for shut-down at the foundry so we`re hoping after the haying is done to go on some day trips.

We`re talking about hitting the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and also heading up to Corning New York to visit the Corning Glass Factory. I`ll make sure my camera is along when we go so I can share with y`all.

Now I guess I had best get busy doing something? Digesting sounds good!


small farm girl said...

Give the dog some privacy! lol. We are doing hay here too. Very HOT! Try to stay cool.

houndstooth said...

Hey, how come the keywords mention werewolves and not vampires?

I remember having to help my dad buck haybales in the barn. I don't miss tossing those fifty pound hay bales at all! I hope you have fun in your travels!

Sharon said...

First round of haying is done here. Is a good feeling, I imagine, to get that done!

Your cookout sounds great, that cake looks de-lish!

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Happy Fourth!
Stopped by to let you know... YOU MADE IT IN THE TOP TEN for Rudy's giveaway - which is quite good - as their was 137 entries!
Congrats, feel free to stop by Rudy's blog to learn more,

Rudy's Raiser

Willard said...

I can smell the hay and feel the heat when I look at those hay makin' pictures. That was an exciting encounter with the bears--that is the type of thing one never forgets.

goatgirl said...

Team Jacob!