Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Haybales, heat and snattlerakes!

Evening all! I think we`ll have some ice coffee this time around if thats okay?

I`m telling you what it is hotter than two rats in a wool sock here! We had 94 degrees F in the shade about 1 this afternoon. I kid you not it was so darn hot our chickens were panting. Now that is hot!

Today was hauling day. Mister and I set out as early as we could to try to beat the heat. Either we`re getting slower in our classic state or the heat is getting faster, because we didn`t beat it.

We had a small tire problem first thing off, which is never a good sign. But a bottle of that foamy green stuff (Don`t have a clue what it`s called but foamy green stuff works)we were back on track! After we had trundled down to hook onto the wagon we came across this lying dead in the road. Freshly dead.

Yup, that is a rattlesnake. And a darn big one at that!! We don`t see too many rattler`s anymore here in the mountains. When my husband was a boy he tells of them crossing our dirt road with regularity. I think they`re now protected here in Pennsylvania that`s how low thier numbers have fallen.

Perhaps the heat drove this big boy out? Whatever the reason our neighbor who walks her two tiny dogs was quite distraught over Sir Snattlerake, and I don`t blame her one iota! A three foot snake can put a nasty bite on a person or a dog!

After the snake incident we put our backs into things. I`m glad to say we got over 48round bales hauled from the fields today. Now only 15 more for us and about 100 for our neighbor.

Anyone know how to do a cool weather dance?? I can yodel along if it`ll help.


Sharon said...

I don't envy you one bit, hauling hay in these temps! It's plumb ugly - like your smashed snake there! I hope you are chillin' now in the A/C!

small farm girl said...

The only thing worse than hauling hay in this heat is rolling hay in this heat. I'm glad you have that done. That snattlerake was a site to see, I'm sure. We have just a few around here.

Brenda said...

Sounds like quite an eventful day. I hope it cools off some for you. Getting the winter hay hauled in is a really good feeling ... even if it was so hot.

houndstooth said...

I am so glad I don't have to deal with hay in any way shape or form anymore! Good luck to you beating the heat tomorrow!

Feral Female said...

Well I got out of the hauling this morning at least. Miss Yodeling had a dentist appointment!

Mister will be a fried goatherder again though. High 90`s are forecast for the next couple of days.

phylliso said...

Rattlers are protected here in Pa.,haven`t seen any snakes yet this year here in our woods.
The heat is unbearable,God bless our farmers for all the hard work that they do.phyllis

Jabacue said...

The heat must be right up the eastern sea-board! It's getting pretty humid and hot here too.
That snake....yikes! In Pa!? Too close for me!

Texan said...

hauling hay is a job for sure! That snake ewwww and why on earth does anyone feel the need to protect a rattlesnake? ewwwww

Willard said...

A good description of a typical summer day of working with hay and much the same as mowing food plots for the Game Commission. It was common to deal with flat tires and we had one game lands where it was fairly common to see rattle snakes. We took care of five game lands and seldom saw a snake, but we seldom mowed the one without multiple encounters.