Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There`s a first time for everything!

I know many of us are familiar with that old saying, and heck, it`s true especially when dealing with animals!

I suppose I need to rewind a few days and set this odd tale up for y`all. *Sips at delectable brew to refresh classic memory-banks* Last week Mister Yodeling had Thursday and Friday off due to yet more down days at the foundry. As always when my groom is home we tend to use that time for large and/or heavy jobs that require muscles. Friday evening had rolled around and we had spent the afternoon gathering some loose grass for the cows from a small patch of grass we let grow for this purpose. Actually Mister seemed very happy to allow the yard to grow since it meant less mowing! If it were up to him we`d just have pasture and no yard I fear.

Anydoodles after the grass had been gathered into the wagon I moseyed over to check on my ducks. Mister made them a swanky in-ground pool before they arrived, and since they outgrew their stove room nursery they now reside up with the rest of the loopy birds on this farm, but in their own pen of course. They need some major growth before I let them roam around with the barnyard mafia! Those geese don`t care for the ducklings already and spend hours glaring at them through the fence. Sorry, I get waylaid very easily don`t I? *Takes large swig of coffee* Much better!

As Miss Yodeling and I were draining and filling the duck pond Mister lets the dogs out. All three charged out and hit the weeds with vigor and vitality. Tinker our beagle bringing up the rear since his stubby little legs don`t seem to keep up with long lab legs very well. They ran and played and chased a few bunnies here and there as we sat around waiting for the clean duck pond to refill.

Now this is where the story takes a rather odd turn. I know that many of us own dogs so strange and/or weird maladies appear all the time. I shall try to be as discreet as I can be while describing what has occurred over the past four days with Tinker.

As soon as we returned to the house for dinner he began obsessively licking his manly parts. Mister checked him out and couldn`t see anything amiss, so we assumed he had perhaps gotten stung in a place no man wants to be stung on!

Fast forward to Sunday.

Tinker is still obsessively licking at the offended part of his anatomy. Daily checks from Mister occur and yet he cannot see what is bothering the poor dog so. By this time sleep was becoming hard to find since Tinker sleeps with us. You dog owners all know the sound of a dog that won`t stop licking or chewing as they lay beside you. It`s maddening to say the least and makes falling asleep virtually impossible for both human and canine.

It was decided that Monday I would call the vet because we were at a complete loss. Maybe he had a urinary tract infection of some sort we hypothesized as we lay awake listening to Tinker. I called and made the appointment for Tuesday morning. Now Tinker and Lu-Lu are lovely to take to the vet. Lu-Lu is in a cat carrier and Tinker just wants to greet everyone with beagle good humor. The two lab girls? Mister has to take them due to their size and their deeply rooted hatred of the vet who is a wonderful and kind woman who has never done them any great harm as far as I`m aware!

So Miss Yodeling and I arrive at the vets with the obsessive licking beagle and are soon called back. We explain what has been going on to the good doctor and she gives the timid fellow a rather personal examination. Going by what I told her she then decided to flush out the irritated manly part in case a foreign object may have somehow made its way there.

Now I have seen many a thing in my 49 years on this planet, and have been living with dogs for most of those years, male and female both, but never and I mean NEVER have I witnessed something like what the vet brought back. Somehow the sad stubby legged dude had gotten a stick where a fellow don`t want a stick. It was a good 2 inches long! Thankfully it just a tad bit wider than a pencil lead but still in all what a terrible thing to suffer through!

My jaw hit my chest when our veterinarian showed us what she flushed out. To make sure there was no infection starting she prescribed some antibiotics for Tinker and we thanked her profusely. No wonder the poor dog was so irritated!!

I`m happy to report that as soon as the irritant was gone he immediately seemed to feel much, much better! That is the bad part about be short-legged dog in a world full of tall sticks I have to assume.

There really is a first time for everything isn`t there????

P.S.-Lu-Lu wishes me to remind our bloggin` buddies that there is still a week left to enter your ideas for her 'Name my Blog!' contest. ( The post directly beneath this one.) We`ve gotten some great ones so far and hope to see more!


small farm girl said...

That poor dog! I read my husband this post. He squirmed in his chair and grimaced. No male, animal or human, should have to go through that. lol

Brenda said...

Ouch! He should have good memories of the vet!

houndstooth said...

Oh, yeeouchie! Tinker, we feel for you little buddy! At least it wasn't an infection to deal with!

Sharon said...

OMG! POOR TINKER! How in the world? That had to be hurting pretty bad, the poor thing, awwwww.

goatgirl said...

I never would of thought of that! Poor doggy.

Leigh said...

O W.O.W!!!! That is... a... very... unique situation you had there!!! I dont know what to say other than, Thank goodness for vets. OUCHY!!!

Feral Female said...

Yes it was a very unique situation. Thankfully he is back to 100% and has been carefully avoiding low-lying sticks of late. =)

Carol............. said...

Good Grief! Even made me twitchy..and I don't even have one of "THOSE"! LOL