Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rural Ramblings-6/2

I can hardly believe the month of May is gone already. It was a busy month for us. Mister Yodeling had the first two weeks off for vacation and turkey hunting, then the foundry had a mass of down days, so he ended up working 3 days the entire month of May. I heard not one complaint from the man!

Since turkey season if now closed we took a ride yesterday to retrieve our pop-up blind and enjoy the last day off we had. I thought I`d pass along some of the sights.

My first fawn sighting of this year!

It`s not the size of the salamander in the fight, it`s the size of the fight in the salamander! (Yup, that is a penny!)

What were just little fluffballs a couple of weeks ago are now nearly half the size of thier parents. It`s amazing how quickly waterfowl grow!

I`m not sure what kind of bug this is but I just liked the image of him resting on the fern.

Hope you enjoyed the ramble through the country!


Barbara said...

It truly is amazing how fast fowl grow. Great pictures! The salamander is amazing.

Leigh said...

Great pictures. Thanks for the walk through the country! ;)

Sharon said...

Nice ramblings, great pictures - that's a tiny salamander for sure!

houndstooth said...

That little salamander is so cute! I'd have been tempted to keep him in my pocket! I loved your pictures!

Brenda said...

Great photos! Thank you for sharing the rambling through the woods. Seeing the fawn was a treat and that salamander sure is tiny. Do they get bigger or is it already full grown?

Feral Female said...

Glad you all enjoyed the photos!

I think they get bigger Brenda, at least, the ones I`ve seen have been bigger. He must have been a baby salamander! =)

Texan said...

Ditto great photos! We have a Mama deer and baby here as well :O).. So fun to see them.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I enjoyed this.. thanks! CanNOT get over the teensy tiny salamander. Wow! -Tammy