Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy days and cow love

Hi gang! Come on in and I`ll pour you a mug full!

You know how they say when it rains it pours? This weekend was a chilly, blustery one here in the Laurel Highlands of PA, and we did see some rain mixed with some thunder early Sunday morning. We didn`t get the real nasty stuff that some of my bloggin` buddies did thankfully, but it was enough to keep our outdoor activities from being done. Well, at least that`s what I thought. Never let it be said that having critter`s ever allows one to make plans, because as soon as you even start to formulate a plan….well you know how it goes!

Since it was ugly and windy and raining to beat the band I hurried just as fast as my short little legs would go to get the birds done in the morning. When I returned to the house I decided to do some writing and laundry. (Okay, writing would come first but the laundry would get done…eventually.) Just as the plan formed in my soggy head Mister Yodeling came back from the cow barn and gave me The Look. You ladies know The Look. It`s the one that says without words that something was up and that it somehow had to do with you.

“You know those three hens you let set in the cow barn?” he asked, a bit too smugly if you ask me.

“Yeah,” I replied eyeing my laptop covetously.

“There`s peeping coming from under them, so unless you want them all to be stuck in between cow hooves we best set something up.”

I sighed and tugged my soaked chore shirt back on, and the two of us schlepped back to the cow barn. Sure enough as soon as we entered the bovine home we could hear the peeps of new little chicks, and the disgruntled growls of three mama hens. I had showed you all their little hidey spot in the It`s Contagious post a few weeks back.

As soon as Patty and Bubba saw us they made a beeline to the barn, sadly only to find the gate closed soundly in their faces.

“Sorry slick,” I said and reached out to rub Patty`s cowlick and get a sloppy cowlick in return.”You both can use a shower anyway.”

It did take us some thinking and some rural ingenuity but we did come up with a small temporary pen for the rather large clutch of hens and chicks. Amazing how many uses a critter keeper can come up with for a fence panel and some baler twine. Personally I think baler twine is almost as handy and multi-faceted as duct tape! A thousand and one uses! They should sell small balls of baler twine for people in the city to buy. Hey…..maybe I`m onto something there….*Scratches chin and ponders*

Anywhoodles, as the thunder and wind blew around us we got things settled and finally let the two cowboys back into their digs. Patty of course had to give the new pen and families a complete cow eye-ball, but once he ascertained there was no cow grain in the small dish, he promptly moved onto more important things. Like rubbing his soaking wet head vigorously across mom`s fanny until she was flung like a ping-pong ball into her hubby.

Nothing like sodden cow love and new peeps to make even a gray day a wee bit brighter!


small farm girl said...

Nothing like new family members! Congrats!

Texan said...

That is so cool. and I so agree on the duct tape being about the most useful thing on the planet! Duct Tape is our friend. Our bales have had wire on them.

I have been telling honeyman we need to get a rooster the girls are lonely... so far he isn't biting.

Brenda said...

Congratulations on the new peeps! I have two batches that hatched last weekend too. Mine only have to watch out for goats running too and from the milking parlor ... not quite as hazardous as cow hooves! The momma hens were seen flogging the goats as they went past the first day. But, now they simply move their clutch of chicks out of the way at milking time. Momma hens are SO smart! Not even the barn cats have had a chance to be a threat to the little chicks.

ShinesterTheFourHundredth said...

They're just an adorable bunch, Feralicious!

houndstooth said...

Aww! It looks like it was worth a second schlep back to the cow barn to me! They're darned cute!

Leigh said...

Awww. Adorable! Congrats on your new babies and quick thinking on the pen!

Sharon said...

What a nice surprise on a soggy day! The chicks are so cute!

Oh, yes, I fully know "the look".

Feral Female said...

So far we`ve yet to find any missing and/or squished so we`re keeping our fingers crossed!