Sunday, June 13, 2010

Purrs & Wags-Big news and a contest!!!

Hello fans of fabulous felines, it`s Lu-Lu at the keyboard again and do I have some exciting news to tell you all!!

Since I began adding my wonderfully purrfect view on things here on the lady goatherder`s blog it`s become rather obvious how many of you enjoy my posts. I am rather delightful aren`t I? Well the goofy goatherder has finally seen the light and is going to give me my own blog!! Truthfully we all know who the real star of this group is don`t we??

I am so excited I`m purring louder than I should, since we cats don`t want our humans to think what they do pleases us too much, but I simply can`t control the volume! To help kick off my new blog (Which will premiere on June 30-my first birthday) we`re going to have a contest! And not just any contest but a contest to name my spectacular new blog! Of course with me involved it wouldn`t be anything less than spectacular now would it?

After much thinking on my part I thought it would be really great to offer something to the cats who aren`t as lucky as I am. I do have goofy owners but they do love me and give me a good home with proper medical care and lots of hugs-when I allow the hugs that is. So here`s what I came up with for our ‘Name my Blog’ contest.

Over the next ten days anyone who has a suggestion for the name of my blog can leave their suggestion in the comment box here on my yodeling goatherder`s blog. On the June 23rd we`ll close the contest and I`ll begin the choosing process. Once I decide on the name for my new blog I`ll announce the winner here.

The person who I deem came up with the best name ( One that suits me to a whisker ) will then have this assortment of cat food, litter and treats donated to our local S.P.C.A. in their name or the name of thier blog if they so desire.

Now isn`t that prize nearly as good as a field of catnip filled with butterflies?!

So put your thinking caps on blog readers and enter your title for my upcoming blog. You`ll be using your creativity and helping cats who are looking for a good home, like I have.

Yours in mischief-


(Future blog star unparalleled)


houndstooth said...

Lu-Lu, that's a brilliant idea! I have several ideas, but I'm going to think on it real hard this afternoon before I post my answers!

It is about time you got your own blog, too!


Brenda said...

Lu-Lu's blog will be lots of fun to follow. Good luck with the purrfect name.

small farm girl said...

How about "Pur-fection"

Sharon said...

Lu-Lu's "Tracks in the Cat Box"

"Purrsonal Thoughts by Lu-Lu"

"On the Edge (of the cat box)"

"I meant to do that!" By Lu-Lu

Feral Female said...

Wow, I really like the name suggestions so far! Keep them coming!


Carol............. said...

That picture of Lu-Lu at the computer is a hoot!

Sharon said...

Chattin' Cat Lu-Lu


Sharon said...

What's wrong with Purrs & Wags? You said it yourself Lu-Lu!

Texan said...

I have said it before and I stick to it... how can you go wrong with the name Feral Female!

You so should name your blog Feral Female :O)

houndstooth said...

I was thinking maybe you should call it "Lu-Lu's Yarns" or "As The String Unravels" but whatever you call it, it will be great!