Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Never enough time in the day

Does that seem to be a problem for y`all as well??

I wanted to post up something yesterday but then yesterday somehow turned into today! I do hope everyone had a good Father`s Day weekend. We had a very nice one but as par the course it was busy and busier still!

Saturday we were up and at it at 8 when our first load of hay arrived bright and early. 10 round bales delivered by 8 AM. That`s one thing about farmers they don`t lay around in bed until noon!

Mister then took off to help our neighbor with his haying. I set into doing laundry which took the best part of the day and running the vacuum to suck up the hay we had drug in on our clothes.

Sunday, Father`s Day, saw Mister Yodeling back at the haying chores up the road. Since they were calling for thunderstorms the heat was really on to get the freshly raked hay baled. There were numerous problems with the baler but somehow they got over 90 bales taken care of! My dad came up and had a nice long visit with us and his dog Tinker.

Dinner was early since I do my special meals at 1 or thereabouts, depending on how fast the potato`s will cook. After dinner and dishes Mister and Miss set off to haul a couple of wagonloads of loose hay that our neighbor graciously told us we could take off the fields. By the time that chore was done it was chore time already!

I`m not sure exactly what happened to yesterday. My daughter, me and my mother-in-law went to get our hair cut at 9 and then suddenly after another 2 loads of wash it was dinner time and chore time again!After our meal of leftover ham and mashed potato`s (Gosh I love leftovers don`t you?) we then spent the evening covering the hay with plastic. And it`s a good thing we got to it since this morning it`s raining!

I guess no-one ever said yodeling and goatherding left much free time did they?

Psssst!! Lu-Lu here with a reminder that tomorrow the 23rd is the last day to enter the 'Name my Blog' contest. It`s a great prize and the winner will be helping a shelter cat and having the honor of thier suggested name as my new blog! A win-win for any human and cat alike!


small farm girl said...

My thought is,"There are not enough COOL hours of the day." hehehe

houndstooth said...

Maybe it's time to just stay up all night and then sleep through the heat of the day!

ShinesterTheFourHundredth said...

There ain't no rest for the wicked, I believe!

Leigh said...

I have the same problem as well but considering so little time... you sure did get a lot done! ;)

Texan said...

I think I am with small farm girl..not enough cool hours in the day at this point for sure..

Willard said...

I know what you mean about the time. I am retired and there still is no time.

Your story about haymaking brought back a lot of memories. I loved it when I was very young, but then through my working away years I really became tired of it. This was because one would come home tired from the job and there was always two to three loads of the small square bales to mow away unless it had rained that day so hay couldn't be made.

Now my dad hires someone to mow and round bale it and the entire operation is over in less than a week, including moving the bales to where he stores them. I am so thankful for the invention of the round baler!