Friday, May 21, 2010

They like me! They really like me!!!

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Lu-Lu here once more and I`m purring like I just found the cream bowl!

Here of late I`ve been rather cranky about the lack of what I feel is fitting attention. Well as they say the squeaky wheel does get the grease! Yesterday that goofy goatherder seemed to be in a very chipper mood. I of course assumed it was still a left-over happiness from the very special gift I gave her for Mother`s Day. She hurried around in the morning and left me to keep an eye on the dogs with a very promising statement as she hurried off.

“Just wait until you see what I`m bringing home!” she smiled before she scurried to the truck. I watched her leave from the front window and began to ponder and groom. Surely she must be heading to town to buy me something! After all my birthday is only a month away, just so you all know and can begin shopping now. Perhaps it would be a new fuzzy ball, since she knows how much I adore my yellow one. Or maybe she had finally located a titanium mouse for me to bat around. My furry ones have all been eaten by a dog that shall remain nameless. (He has long ears and short legs.)

I meandered back into the bedroom and settled in for my fourteen hour nap under the bed. I heard the ruckus when she came back home but frankly I was too exhausted to come out to see what she had purchased. I yawned and drifted back off with visions of cat-nip filled balls dancing in my head.

Soon evening came and I awoke and stretched myself languidly. Cats always stretch languidly for we feel there is nothing to compare to a good long stretch after a good long nap. As I flattened down the fur behind my left ear I heard something in the stove room. The humans have a small window behind their headboard that opens into the stove room and in the winter glorious heat comes in that window. The sound was intriguing…..something I had never heard before. It must be my gift I thought!

I leaped onto the window sill and peeked down into the stove room. Why… was amazing! Delightful! Stupendous!! What wonderful toys she had gotten for me! I think they`re supposed to be a surprise though since she put them somewhere I can`t seem to get to.

Ooooo but they are succulent looking aren`t they? Tiny little fluffy birds that run around peeping!! Mmmmmmm. And to show how much my people like me they`re even keeping them warm for me under a red light like they do in human grocery stores with other forms of tasty fowl.*Licks lips*

Seriously, it`s about time they showed their awe and gratitude for me allowing them to live with me isn`t it?? I can`t WAIT for my birthday!!

Yours in devilment-



houndstooth said...


I think I need the address of the place where the goatherder got those. I'm sure my mom wants to get me some, too! *drool*


Texan said...

Lu Lu
I think your catnip will be cut off for a very long time if one of those little new toys comes up missing! LOL

Tell your human I finalllly got my award she so nicely honored me with on my blog!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Lu Lu,
You are so cute, we think you are a great blogger!
Thought about starting one just for you?

Sharon said...

Those little ducklings really do look good, don't they Lu-Lu? I'll bet your Mommy thinks they are adorable, and so do I!