Sunday, May 16, 2010

That`s Fowl!-It`s contagious

Broodiness is running rampant on this yodeling goatherder`s farm!

It seems like everywhere I look, and even some places I don`t look, there`s a bird setting eggs. It`s reaching epidemic proportions and I fear I may have to call in the CDC (Chickens Driving me Crazy). It`s not just the bantam hens though, egg sitting fever has spread to the other breeds as well.

If you recall I have a goose who I thought was a gander (Color me embarrassed!)Well she has been sitting tightly on a nest for about three weeks now. There was a busted egg incident that we had to contend with so I`m not sure about the viability of the remaining clutch to be honest. Talk about a flail trying to remove a broody goose from a dirty nest! Thankfully the bruises are now fading.

Then we discovered our lone hen turkey had ideas about procreation and built herself a nifty little nest in the corner of the turkey coop. I did inquire of Mister Yodeling about raising even more dim-witted turkeys, and said in a tone most kind, that I felt we should take the eggs. As you can see she now has about twelve to fifteen under her bare breasts. *Sighs* Him and his turkeys, I swear!

Onward we go through this plethora of maternal-minded fowl! This wee silver hen has the distinction of being the first of the sneaky sitters. About a week ago I emerged from the goat barn with milk pail in hand to see this little family out scratching about.

“Duh…err….uhm….say what now?” I muttered in complete shock.

Mister Yodeling said the same thing when he stepped out after filling the hay mangers. Apparently the clever little thing hid her clutch in a silage feeder we had stopped using. So okay, what`s six little chicks right? I mean, it`s not like we have several chickens hidden in dark corners correct? I should know better than to think I`ll ever get the upper hand with these critters.

Aha! What have we here stashed behind the beam? Oh yes, one more broody hen.

Oh and what`s this lurking between the boards of the cow barn?? Three?!?!?

Good grief! And those are only the ones that we`ve discovered! Pretty soon the sound of little poultry feet and peeping will drown out the whispering winds in our pines. Add to the unexpected arrivals the six ducklings that I ordered and I may well soon be up to my elbows in downy covered babes! Egads! I just had a thought! *Ignores snort from wisenheimer husband* What if this epidemic affects humans?!?!

Wouldn`t I look silly all cuddled up in a nest box?


Barbara said...

Wow! Will you keep all of the them?

Feral Female said...

More that likely not Barbara. I`ll sell what I can first then we process any extras for our freezer.

Brenda said...

Wow ... it must be something in the air. I've got broody hens all over the place now too. I just found another one in the corner of one of the big goat stalls last night. And then there is the one ... that has been sitting forever ... under the hanging water bucket in one of the kidding pens. The doe that just kidded a couple of days ago is still in there and stepped on her tail when I removed the water bucket to fill it. Well ... in the confusion that followed ... an egg got stepped on. It popped and filled the barn with the stink of rotten egg for a LONG time! I think I had better take the rest of her eggs. I know it's been longer than the usual 21 days that she's been sitting there!!

houndstooth said...

Tee hee! I guess they don't call them Spring Chickens for nothing! Enjoy the little down balls!

~Tonia said...

Haha!! That is all to funny. I have yet ot have anyone go broody.. But who knows.

Willard said...

Your post brings back memories of growing up on the family farm. We still have the farm and my dad has a herd of cattle, but we don't have the chickens, etc. anymore.

Feral Female said...

It must be a moving could that just settles on one farm then moves to another random one. Good luck with your setters Brenda!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

How cute, little chicks are so fun!

Carol............. said...

You really DO love all the babies, though, don't you? LOL

I think my baby turkeys will look like the one you have once mine are adults. Could you tell by the pictures on my post.....did yours look like those?