Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ten Questions

Howdy all! Have a sit down and a cuppa!

Not too long ago over on Texan`s blog she posted a set of ten questions and invited all who follow her blog to participate. The question`s were entertaining and thought provoking and I figured I`d give it a whirl! So with my Nubian mug beside me I`ll try my hand at answering these queries!

1-What would your perfect day consist of?

For me it would start off with a calm morning sipping my java juice while I worked on my various writing projects. Then some time with the family…..perhaps fishing for largemouth bass in our favorite farm pond or hanging out with the goats. Dinner would be something I didn`t have to cook and the dishes would be washed magically like Mrs. Weasley`s are. After dinner some reading or watching a movie with Mister and Miss Yodeling. To top off this perfect day a hot bubble bath and a bed without a beagle glued to my lower lumbar. Yup, sounds just about perfect.

2-How would you describe yourself if you were an item of clothing?

I`d be an old pair of jeans. Well worn and discolored some with iodine from treating belly buttons. I`d be soft yet still strong enough for the work required of me.

3-What hobbies are you currently working on?

My favorite hobbies are reading and writing. At the moment I`m reading a paranormal romance about a dragon who falls in love with a human woman, and my fiction tales are perking along nicely.

4-Walking in the woods in Wellies, or barefoot on the beach?

Woods and Wellies!

5-Have you ever hugged or sang to a tree?

As a matter, I have hugged many a tree! I can recall one instance in particular when Mister and I were down at Pink Creek fishing for trout. This was many years ago, before Miss Yodeling came along. After we were done fishing my husband thought it would be great fun to scale one of the steep mountains that bank Pine Creek. His idea of fun and mine are apparently worlds apart at times. As we made our way up that deadly side-hill I clung to many a tree for dear life. I also recall whispering my thanks to the stout trunks and also whining out a prayer or two. So yes I have hugged a tree but I`m not sure if pleading with the gods to end this torture counts as singing.

6-Growing your own veggies or nipping to the supermarket?

We grow our own veggies every year and despite the battles with potato bugs, cucumber beetles and black bear coveting our corn I much prefer our own veggies.

7-Have you found anyone interesting in your family tree?

Now this one I assume has to do with researching your roots. I have not done that, someday I hope to. As to having interesting people in our family, ho boy! Is that one a loaded question! Perhaps I`ll have to pen a blog entry about some of the unique characters we call family. I can almost hear some of the family members who read along cringing already! *giggles impishly*

8-Slap up meal in a posh restaurant or fish `n chips from the wrapper?

I`m not a posh restaurant kind of person to be completely honest. Once in awhile, on a special occasion such as Mister and mines anniversary sure, but usually we`re more than happy to just have a burger and fries or a pizza from the box. We are pretty simple folks who enjoy that simplicity.

9-Which element do your most resonate with? Earth, air, fire or water?

Earth easily. I enjoy the woodlands and the game that inhabit it. I`m a down-to-earth type of goatherder. Coffee plants grow in the earth so earth for sure!

10-Do you believe in fairies?

I like to ponder on things that are mystical and magical….To imagine such fey creatures and allow them to inhabit my over-active imagination and let them carry me to other worlds and other dimensions. So I suppose I believe in the love of the lore and the gift of such imaginings for the human spirit. Fairies free our souls and our creative muses.

Well that was fun! If anyone else would like to play along please do so!


Texan said...

They were fun to answer I agree! Paranormal Romance, my favorite and I bet I have read the one your reading! I am thinking you love you some coffee!! tee hee... I used to drink a lot of coffee as well, I now limit myself to two cups in them morning, well okay I say cups two mugs :O)...

houndstooth said...

The second dragon romance is even better than the first! You'll love it!

Now I'm curious about what you're working on writing! I haven't seen anything new in a while!

Brenda said...

I like your "perfect day" and how you describe yourself as a well worn pair of blue jeans.

Feral Female said...

Texan, we seem to have a great deal in common!

I`m looking forward to seeing something new from you too Hound!

Thanks Brenda!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What fun answers you had! Your perfect day sounds well... *perfect* :) -Tammy