Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rural Ramblings-The other side of hunting

I know that quite a few people feel that hunting is just about the kill. Sadly for them they don`t take the time to see what beauty nature has to offer. I thought I`d pass along some of the sights I`ve come across during our days afield.

Seems as if this is all I see of the wild and wily Eastern wild turkey. The scoreboard now reads Turkeys 10-Feral 0. Ah well, that`s why they call it hunting and not getting!

Being out in the woods at sunrise and listening to that first call sleepy of a song bird directly over your head, nothing can beat it!

Even though the turkeys have been invisible there have been other woodland creatures that we`ve encountered either heading to the blind or leaving.

Speaking of woodland creatures, I have to pass along this little nugget from yesterday morning. Mister Yodeling and I were in our pop-up blind as the first rays of the sun began to tint the sky. As it grew lighter I got a soft nudge in my side. I jerked awake and lifted my head from his shoulder.

"Look at the mouse in the tree," he whispered.

I peeked around him and through the small side window I could see a mouse scurrying up a thin apple sapling. Then another one came dashing up! The two romantic rodents then decided to engage in marital relations on a shaking little branch. Sadly for Mrs. Mouse Mister Mouse fell off with a soft thud to the leaf litter after just a second. We both sat and snickered at the rather spicy show. After a space of time spent listening there was a rustle in the dry leaves at our feet. I instantly hefted my boots up to my knees.

"Take it easy. It`s only those mice," my husband whispered. I could hear the barely concealed chuckle in his voice.

"If one of them races up my pantleg I am OUT of here thundering herd of turkeys or not!!" I hissed back and spent the next 15 minutes hugging my knees while he shook his head.

So even sharing a blind with two amorous mice has it`s own kind of appeal. At least to my amused spouse!


Leigh said...

Loved your post as I can relate. Many times I have sat in a blind observing nature.
Ps I have really enjoyed reading through your blog.

Texan said...

Sounds like you and the DH had a great time and I agree so much to see in nature :O)...

Hopefully Mr and Mrs Mouse had a great time too once they got off the branch and on the ground :O) tee hee...

Sharon said...

Oh, how romantic! Not just the mice, but to get up before the crack of dawn and spend time together, with nature all around you!

Maybe next time you will get a turkey :)

houndstooth said...

I'd have been with you on avoiding the mice! I had one run up the front of my coat once and I do not recommend the experience AT ALL!

It looks like you've seen everything EXCEPT turkeys!

Feral Female said...

Ya know Hound there are few things I`m scared of but mice is one of them. If I had one run up the front of my coat I`d still be screaming!

For the Love of Dogs said...

Great post. Those pictures are beautiful!

Mister Oz said...

Not much beats the wondrousness of a still pre-dawn morning, be it hunting game or as I do trains with my camera.

I too totally relate, and even get to enjoy nature during the work day. I'll have to remember to blog about that :-)

Carol............. said...

Looks like some great outdoor critter finds!

That's what I love about walking around our garden...always something wiggling, crawling, slithering and creeping around.

We used to hunt and it was great to get out to places and see what we could discover.

Willard said...

A wonderful post. I try to be out as much as possible when dawn is breaking. Sometimes the evening is excellent for wildlife photography, but I think I have gotten most of my best shots in early morning and even if one is not a photographer it is still a wonderful time to be up and about. My grandfather was a farmer and I can't recall him ever not being up before daylight until his final illness.