Monday, May 10, 2010

Purrs & Wags-A most special gift!

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Lu-Lu here at the laptop once more!

Now I know that Mother`s Day has passed but since I spent most of it sleeping I missed a lot of it. Seriously I do need my beauty sleep and night time is the right time as we feline`s like to say. When I woke up from my day long nap it came to me that I was the only one who didn`t get the lady goatherder anything for this most special of days. I licked my paw and flattened down the fur behind my left ear and contemplated. What could a cat get for her human mother?

After a good long grooming session I meandered out and got to check out what she received. She did get a new printer/scanner to scan more pictures of me I`m sure. Also she got this compact disc that plays the loudest music I have ever heard! It made my ears lay down flat to my glorious head! I`m not sure what an AC/DC is exactly, or even a soundtrack, but I do know I`ve heard cats make better noise perched atop a fence!

The goofy lady also got this toy that she wore all day attached to her shirt. According to her it was an Ironman chest beamer. It also made some weird sounds. She is so odd truly, but she IS the one who fed me from a bottle when I was just a tiny kitten so I suppose I`ll let her oddities slide. This was all well and good but I still felt this strange sensation in my chest. Some would have called it guilt but I think it was a hairball personally.

I was stumped as to what to give the yodeling lady! I ruminated on it all night while I played with my fluffy yellow ball and carried ponytail holders from the kid’s room as she slept. I even lowered myself to asking the dogs for suggestions.

“Get her a shoe!” the black one said.

“Give her a squirrel. Did someone say squirrel?!?!?” the yellow one answered.

“Make her an anti-beagle washing thingy!” the little hound said. He was still mad about having to get a bath last night after rolling in goat poop you see.

I didn`t like any of their suggestions and honestly I should have known better. Dogs! But something the damp beagle said stuck in my glorious feline mind. I would make her something special! Something that she would know had been made by me, Lu-Lu, the cat with the sass! This is what I came up with! Doesn`t it simply scream ‘Lu-Lu’!?

Yours in devilment-



Brenda said...

Lu-Lu ... This is the perfect gift from you! A gift that only you could create so perfectly. I hope you didn't have to go very far to find just the right mud to make such beautiful paw prints. Job well done!

houndstooth said...

Lu-Lu, you are an evil genius! If I decide to take over the world, I want you on my team. I think you found the perfect gift!


Yoda & Brutus said...

Lu-Lu - What a masterpiece of artwork with your paw prints! Such a great idea, I bet your mom just loved it :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Feral Female said...

Thank you all. I think she did love the artwork!


For the Love of Dogs said...

Oh lulu!!! What a great idea!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Lu-Lu, what wonderful artwork. I'm sure mom is gonna loooove it :) -Tammy

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

How sweet Lu-Lu :)