Monday, May 31, 2010


Hi all! Come on in and take a load off, the coffee`s ready!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend for those who celebrate it! Ours here on the hillside farm was more hectic than two raccoons stuck in a feed sack! So I thought I`d pass along what kept we goatherders hopping. I`d yodel but frankly I`m too darn pooped to even work up a note!

Friday night we three journeyed into our lovely little town to grab some pizza and wings then go to the movies….kind of a relax while you can because you just KNOW the next three days will be hectic kind of night. Saturday saw quite a few happy happenings! Early on Saturday morning I made my usual trek up the hill to do the birds and check on the many expectant mothers.

Sadly we had to break my sitting goose. Seems a chicken meandered into her space and a rather nasty episode occurred. During the flail mama goose broke all her eggs. I was pretty disappointed since they all had nearly ready to hatch goslings in them, but such is the way of life on the farm at times.

Anywhoodles, when I peeked in at mama turkey I found evidence of a recent hatch! Now mama turkeys can be downright cantankerous when they have poults and her low hissing growl (And rather large sharp beak and wings) persuaded me to not tackle this alone.

I came back down and Mister Yodeling accompanied me. I figured…hey they`re his turkeys let him get flogged and pecked right? Although according to him he is already pecked by a cranky old hen. *Rolls eyes *

She had eleven new poults under her as near as we could count. They kept running about and mama was becoming quite ornery! I know, aren`t they cuter than a June bug?

Then a bit later on Saturday two of this year’s goat kids-Achilles and Artemis-went to their new homes! The two young folk here are new members to our 4-H group and also new to goatherding as well. So we said goodbye to Luke and Leia, as they are now called. See you at the fair guys!!

Sunday seemed to come far too quickly. Where does the time go when your family has a few days off??? Mister puttered around with our driveway, running the rake on it with the Kubota. There are times I think he would sleep with that tractor if he could! And I fully understand! What a work-saver it is! I spent the morning making picnic food for a family cookout in the afternoon, and then doing some of the never ending laundry. We are either very clean people or very dirty, I ain`t quite figured out which yet. The cookout was fun and the food was as delicious as always. Told ya your pictures would be in the blog dear family members! *Giggles like an imp*

Monday morning dawned and Mister and I scurried down to do some corn planting before it got too hot. The past week here in PA has been stupendously hot and I have had serious thoughts about sticking my toes into the puddleducks big black bowl to cool off while they frolic. Then I see what is floating in the puddleduck bath and opt to just sweat.

Actually the corn patch didn`t take nearly as much time as I had thought it would. Mister got it tilled up rather nicely after plowing it the other day and we set into making rows and dropping pink nuggets of Silver Queen into their spaces.

I did hear my dear hubby give a stern warning to C.B. the rooster. (C.B. stands for cow barn which is where he and his harem hangout. I know original name huh? )

“I better not see one chicken in here digging out corn seeds!” Mister scolded.

C.B. remained silent so only time will tell if he obeyed or not. For his sake I hope he did! Afterward we got my mother-in-laws garden planted for her then went to the cemetery to place flowers in our family plot. Dinner tonight was another cook-out with hot dogs, potato salad and watermelon. I`m about plumb tuckered out but I am sipping at some of that glorious brew made with coffee beans.

I would hate to drop off in the middle of a…………………..


houndstooth said...

I'm tired just reading it all! Whew! Why do I suspect that certain threats were made at a particular family gathering?

Chai Chai said...

Goats to 4H, turkey poults, and ducklings in a bath; a weekend for you but a lifetime adventure for others.

Brenda said...

Very busy! Sounds like fun though :D

Texan said...

Sounds like a fun and productive weekend! Best kind!

Mister Oz said...

I can relate with that plumb tuckered out-ness!
Saturday was spent with trains from sun up to sun down, Sunday was re-wiring a camp trailer and model painting and Monday was a country/rock&roll gig roadie-ing with my friends's band (a labor intensive long day). I see your 40 winks and raise you another 40!