Sunday, April 18, 2010

You grab a rod and I`ll grab a pole honey!

We`ll go down to the crawdad hole honey baby mine!!

Finally the first day of trout season in Pennsylvania has arrived! Yesterday dawned gray and cold with rain mixed with snow but did that dampen our spirits? Heck no! We are stout and avid anglers we goatherders. Also we had all gotten up early to ensure we were creek-side (Pronounced crick here in the hills) come 8 AM.

That was no problem for Mister Yodeling and me but Miss Yodeling had quite the case of the dreaded zombie shuffle. Eventually she came around and soon we two lady anglers were all dolled up and ready to wet our worms!

This is the little native brook trout stream that runs past the back of my mother-in-laws house and alongside the dirt road that our driveway meets.

Here`s our homemade egg sign that sits beside the road so if y`all are ever searching for fresh eggs at a dollar a dozen look for the bright orange sign!

We generally begin at the school bus turnaround and work our way up to Ma`s house.

This is a deer trail that we found coming down from the woods to the creek, it was overcast and snowing so the shot is a wee darker than I would have liked.

We also got to hear the sound of our state bird, the ruffed grouse, as we walked and fished several holes.

The male grouse drums with his wings seeking a mate and it reverberates through the wood with a sound much like an engine starting. It`s very cool to hear and very distinct.

You know, being surrounded by nature is just one of the things I enjoy about fishing. Spending time with Mister and Miss Yodeling and pitting our superior wits against the inhabitants of stream and pond of course is the top reason. Also eating what we catch for dinner is another reason for our whole family loves fresh fillet of trout! By the looks of my frying pan though our wits were outwitted by the brookies fish wits.

*Frowns at mental image of trout snickering behind its fin*


Rising Rainbow said...

I was wondering why there were no pics of fish dangling on the end of the line, now I know. I hate when the day turns out like that.

houndstooth said...

I'm sorry you didn't catch anything, but it sure looks like you had a lovely spot to come up with nothing!

small farm girl said...

I love fishing! But, beleive it or not, I've never been trout fishing. I have eaten them though. And, they are deeee-lish.

Willard said...

An interesting post. We evidently live in about the same type of areas. We go "acrost the crick to take pitchers uv the deer and turkeys".

I write in the best English I know how to do, but I love to talk in my native Fulton County dialect, unless the occasion demands otherwise.

ShinesterTheFourHundredth said...

Those fishies sure are fishy!