Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photo Tag

It looks as if I`m it!

Last week my dear friend Houndstooth tagged me over in her blog Tails and Tales to play along in this game. Since my legs are too short to catch up with her I could not tag her back. Such is the life of a Hobbit goat-farmer. *Sighs and wiggles bare toes*

The object of this game is to go to your first photo file and post the 10th picture in it. Now most folks I reckon will have various shots of their family and their pets, vacations and maybe one embarrassing shot of Cousin Cletus from last year’s family reunion. I too have those kinds of pictures, well minus the one of Cousin Cletus since we have no Cletus` in our family….although we do have a Wilbur but I digress.

Anydoodles I went back to my first album and counted back ten. If I were a woman more prone to blushing I would be crimson cheeked at the moment but blushing has long since passed it seems. Once I bought my first purple shirt I accepted the fact that only the hot flashes would tint my cheeks rosily.

To that end and simply because I like pretty things here is my tenth photo from my first album…..

Yes, that is indeed Ironman.

My inner comic geek screams in joy as once again my appreciation for Marvel men comes to light. If I recall properly this is a cover from one of Tony`s runs that was written by Jon Favreau, the man who directs the Ironman movies. *Falls to knees in supplication at Jon`s feet* It was called ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and I think it only had four issues and the arc was never completed. Which is a shame since anytime you toss Ironman into Vegas and add Fin-Fang-Foom the dragon it`s bound to be a hoot AND a nanny!

This one was between a fine picture of Remy LeBeau and Robert Downey Jr. in a tank-top from the Ironman movie. As I said, I like pretty things. I think Ryan Reynolds was above this minus his shirt…*Drifts off*

Onto the second part of the picture tag game before I drift off into yet another caffeine-fueled fantasy about trying to find a spandex suit to fit one of us from the Shire. I`m supposed to tag five other blogs and since y`all are here and I can catch you, here are the five that are now tagged. (If you wish to participate then please do, if not that`s ducky too!)

Granny`s Best

The Pugs Strike Back

Farm Tails

Cow Patty Surprise

Spring Lake Farm

Now I must be off, I have a sudden urge to tie a sheet around my neck and seek out evil-doers….or Ryan Reynolds!


~Tonia said...

Hahaha!! You are to funny!

Brenda said...

Very funny! What a sneaky way to catch someone to tag them!! You knew I'd be stopping by this morning just to see what you were up to! I can almost see the smirk on of glee your face and hear the TeeHeeHee coming from your humorous lips!

Now how do I find my first photo file? I've been taking digital photos since the mid 80's ... but of course not all of them are on my laptop. I'll have to do a little looking around on the hard drive and see which has my "oldest" photo files. Hummm ...

Brenda - aka - Granny's Best

houndstooth said...

Well darn it! If Remy had only been number ten! That was a very nice picture and I like your sneakiness! One of the things I most admire about you! ;)

Feral Female said...

Mua-ha-ha! I am most sneaky t`is true!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

That game was fun, my Raiser even let me play it!


Anonymous said...

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