Thursday, April 22, 2010

Phooey on goats!!

Yes that`s right fans of fabulous felines, I typed it and I mean it!! Lu-Lu here at the ladies laptop while she feeds those little blatting attention grabbers!

Over the past four weeks I`ve seen some very disturbing things going on around here. Things that don`t seem to ruffle the dogs fur but they sure do mine. And you know how much we cats dislike having our fur ruffled! Ever since the first one of those goat kid things has arrived my people have been ignoring me. I know, it shocks me too since I am rather glorious to behold. But the proof is in the Kit-N-Kaboodle as we kitties like to say.

Just count the recent blog entries that yodeling lady has posted lately. Go ahead and count them, I`ll just lick my paws until you return. Do you see the discrepancies?! I only had one measly chance to talk about that invisible dog which I still think exists even if humans seem to think it`s me. Silly humans!

Those bottle sucking goat kids are cutting into my attention time seriously! Shouldn`t a cat get more loving and petting than a goat?! What gets into my humans brains? Have they been smoking my catnip? Now I wouldn`t want you people to think that I actually WANT loving and petting because I do not. Cats are known for their icy demeanor, unlike some foolish mutts who even help down at that place they call the goat barn!*Shudders*

It has nothing to do with craving affection. It is more a matter of my humans knowing what a treasure they have residing in this sleek feline form. I`ve spent a great deal of time watching the goatherders playing with those little caprine glory-hogs, from a distance of course! They seem to be enraptured with the running around those kids do, and how they leap into their laps and lick their faces. Why I think those little beasts are dogs in goat clothing!

I have taken it upon myself to try to make sure I get my fair share of attention. I have devised a new nighttime game called ‘Hang from the kitchen cupboards’. It does seem to get me the attention I deserve but it’s not the attention I seek. Not that I seek their attention I`ll remind you again.

I also thought that since they seem so happy to run down to that stinky barn in the middle of the night, the man and the goofy woman shouldn`t mind getting up when I knock the boxes of glass jars for the recycle place to the floor at midnight. I was mistaken in that assumption, but it did get me some attention. If one counts having a slipper thrown at you that some inane dog then carries around in their mouth…I don`t know how I manage I tell you!

So if you other humans can stop saying how cute and sweet those smelly goat kids are I would appreciate it! Oh! And comment a lot on how smart and pretty and svelte I am after you read this! If this doesn`t work I`m going to have to think of something even more devious to get their adoration back…yes adoration. Now that word is really the cat’s meow!

Yours in devilment-



~Tonia said...

Haha!! Good One!!

Brenda said...

LOL! Lu-Lu, don't worry too much ... the buck kids will grow up and be really stinky. Your humans won't want to pet them so much then. So, at least that's half of the problem solved!

The doe kids, on the other hand, will continue to be cute and cuddly even when they grow up. So, I don't know what to tell you there.

I'm sure your humans will come to their senses soon.

JC said...

Lu Lu you deserve better ... keep sitting by the puter and you will get pets for sure.

houndstooth said...

Oh, Lu-Lu, that is a conundrum for sure! Perhaps you need to do some more excavating in the bottom of that mattress they bought and give them an early morning surprise. The best of it is that even if they do figure out it's you in there, no slipper throwing will get to you! I myself prefer a good cold nose poke to the back to get the humans' attention, but being a feline, you have to use what you've got. Perhaps a good whisker tickle while the yodeling goatherder is asleep and snoring?


Feral Female said...

Thank you all for the suggestions. If things don`t improve in terms of adoration amounts I`ll put some of those into effect!


Yoda & Brutus said...

Hmmmm...our kitty brothers and sister like to pounce on mom & dad in the middle of the night or just sleep on their heads - this seems to get them plenty of attention. Hearing a cat yak in the middle of the night also gets their attention and usually some loving for the kitty who got sick.

Good Luck!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Mister Oz said...

Adulate you? Yes, I'm sure. Right away, Lu-Lu ;-)