Thursday, April 8, 2010

Leave it to animals......

… make you look a fool!

*Ignores the smarty-pants comment from Mister Yodeling* Have you ever noticed how gifted critters are when it comes to showing us how little we really know? Most generally I like to pride myself on how clever I am and how far above the animals I care for my intelligence soars. I mean if I had no more smarts than say our turkeys, I`d be in a kettle of trouble! So yeah, I guess I may be a bit egocentric about being smarter than our charges. It does stand to reason then that when I allow my head to get inflated some darn animal will come along and show me, and the world, that I ain`t quite as smart as I thought.


Exhibit A

I have owned waterfowl for many years. One would reason then that I had a fraction of skill in determining if my birds be boys or if they be girls. One would reason also that having these geese for close to five years and reading about their breed, which is Pilgrim although they`re not stellar examples, I should be able to sex them by feathering. The gander`s are supposed to be white (mine are rather mottled) and the geese are dark gray (which mine seem to be.)

So it came as a rather rude slap to the kisser with a goose wing when I discovered what I had assumed to be a gander the other morning doing this….

Uh-huh. Now unless I missed something over the years I`m thinking boys don`t lay eggs.


Exhibit B

Onto Jennifer, our lovely sable doe who we made sure, sure, sure and sure once more to be doubly sure was bred to a sable buck. If y`all recall the ‘Love Train’ post about taking her and Miss Yodeling`s LaMancha doe across town you will recall that Jennifer was in fact bred to my friend`s robust and handsome sable buck. At least this is what we all assumed had happened.

We were beginning to think Jennifer was having the longest pregnancy known to goatdom. According to our charts Jennifer was bred a full week before Bianca our LaMancha doe. Bianca kidded two weeks plus ago. Now math has never been my strong suit as Miss Yodeling can attest to…..

‘Mom can you help me with my algebra homework?’

‘That isn`t math. Math has numbers and English has letters. What sick kind of person puts letters with numbers?!’

So back to Jennifer.That means that we brought her home and in our wisdom about all things animal put her back in with the Nubians and Anakin. Yup. Yesterday Jennifer presented me with a Snubian.

I have discussed this transgression with both Jennifer and Anakin but both have remained tight-lipped. I suppose it IS tacky to kiss and tell. This fine robust fellow is named Ares. Ares the Snubian.*Sighs*


So there it is…. proof positive that critters can, and do whenever possible, like to make me look foolish.


Brenda said...

:D I think your animals like a good mystery as much as you do! Even if they have to create it themselves. That's a very pretty Snubian! I love his colors. I hope you have a successful hatch on the goose eggs!

houndstooth said...

Well, apparently that sable buck had no skills in the romance department! I'm sure Anakin was just doing his part to help Jennifer over the rejection.

What's good for the goose would have been rather painful for the gander in this case, I suspect!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Feral, I always enjoy your posts so much. And today was certainly no exception. Love your sense of humor, and your adorable critters (who also apparently have a great sense of humor.. lol). -Tammy

Nezzy said...

My Uncle Wilbert use to say, " leave it to a kid or and animal to make a liar out of ya." Looks like he was right on the money in both cases! Heehehehe! Listen lady, I got a hoot out of your wonderful post today.

Ya'll have a beautiful day filled with sunshiny blessings!!!

Feral Female said...

I think y`all may be right! Thanks for stopping by!!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Kidding time is so much fun, baby goats are to cute!
Our guide dog puppies enjoy kidding time - that means baby goats in diapers in the house for a couple days!

I've never gotten a "Snubian" before, but I always get Alpine/Nubians!

Toby's Raiser