Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birthday Booty!!

Arrggghhhh! Set sail for Tortuga and no-one touch me jar of dirt!!!

Sorry for that outburst of pirate talk. I was up at 3 this morning after Mister Yodeling gave me a shake and informed me that Mallory was kidding. I may have to set up an intravenous line of coffee to get me through, so if I sound a bit slap-happy, or slap-happier as the case may be, do bear with me gang!

Anydoodles, I thought I`d share my b-day booty with y`all. I have to admit I made out darn well! Mister brought dinner home and then presented me with the following items-

I had to laugh when I opened the DVD package and saw ‘The men who state at goats’! Talk about apropos! And hey what girl wouldn`t be happy to get George Cloony for their birthday?? I like pretty things and he is surely that! Also I got some new shirts which are always needed since most of mine have iodine and/or Blue-Coat stains. And a gift certificate to our local bookstore just in time for J. R. Ward`s new novel at the end of the month! *Does happy goatherder dance*

Also of note are the two boxes of turkey shells he purchased. Must be he expects me to miss. A lot. Well, he has seen me shoot before so I`ll give him that one. To round out the booty were some new fishing lures and a box full of rubber worms, just in time for trout to open here in PA! I am set lemme tell ya! Now if I can only catch the fish and hit the turkeys I`ll be doing something.

Also yesterday my grand dame Fawn gifted me with twins who are named Achilles and Artemis.(Achilles is the one standing.)

Since she is quite the old gal after I went down for my usual after-lunch check I noticed she was off by herself and acting oddly. So the afternoon was spent with her and my spicy romance novel until she delivered her kids without incident. Mom and babies are doing fine.

This is a rather blurry shot of the two does that came at 3 this morning. I`m going to blame the poor quality photograph on my zombie state and the lack of java in my bloodstream and hope someone buys that excuse.

We`ve yet to come up with names for these two girls but I`m sure once I get enough I.V. Folgers flowing something will pop up, let`s just hope it`s not something out of left field.

So with a sluggish wave of my Nubian coffee mug I shall lay in a course for the Caribbean, or my couch, whichever I manage to find first.


Brenda said...

Congratulations on the Birthday Bounty! I was hoping you liked to hunt and fish ... I thought maybe Mister was getting something for you that he could use too! Men have been known to do that ya know.

The new kids are a great present too! They are beautiful babies.

~Tonia said...

Pretty babies!! Love the little ducks in the birthday booty! Hope you get some rest!

houndstooth said...

Awwww! They're all so sweet! Have you used Antigone or Ariadne yet? I'd have to look up to see if they were goddesses or not, but I recall the names. Selena was goddess of the moon, I think.

You got great loot! I hope you enjoy it all!

Carol............. said...

Great Birthday stuff!

Feral Female said...

I admit, it was a good haul!

I think we`ve settled on the names....let me find the darn list....Demeter and Selena for the last set of doe twins. Since my sable had her kid yesterday we are now officially done for this year. I tell ya I`m about whipped!!

small farm girl said...

Looks like you had a great B-day. I'm like you. I can't wait for J.R. Ward's new book either!!!!!