Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I tell ya, this blogging community is just jam-packed with wonderfully sweet people!

Not too long ago Kritter Keeper over at Farm Tails was gracious enough to bestow this award to me and I thank her most kindly! She really does have a delightful blog and I encourage anyone who hasn`t done so yet to stop on in and visit for a spell, you won`t be sorry!

Now the stipulations of this beautiful award are as follows-

You have to thank the person who gave you the award. Check.

You need to add a link to the person who gave you the award. Check.

Paste award on blog. Check.

List 10 things about yourself......

I got to pondering over this as I enjoyed a wonderful Columbian treat that millions the world over-Coffee!! I meant coffee! Sheesh, I best be careful or I`ll have the DEA swarming all over the place like ants at a picnic! Since I share this blog with our critters and they really are the stars of the show, I decided to go to them and let them reveal some deep, dark secrets about themselves.

True Barnyard Confessions…..I can almost see it on the magazine rack right next to the National Tattler in the grocery checkout line!

1-Trinity the black lab-Not many people know this but I have an oral fixation. Socks, shoes, kid bottles, cat toys, gloves, X-Box game manuals……it doesn`t matter what it is, if it`s within reach of my jowls I just have to carry it around! Once I even picked up a pencil and I don`t have any thumbs to write with!!! I think I need lab rehab.

2-Tinker the beagle-Okay since we`re all revealing things about ourselves I`ll open up too. See the REAL reason I chew and lick my feet for hours on end isn`t because they taste good. It`s because I get such a charge out of the expressions of the humans when they sit down on the huge, but well hidden, wet spot my meandering tongue leaves on the sofa!!

3-Pietro the splash Silky rooster-Yes it is true. I am a midnight crower. So what? Can`t a rooster crow at the moon too?? Is there some law against nocturnal crowing?!?!? Stop judging me!!!

4-Bubba J. the Holstein steer-A cowfession?? Is that like a cowlick?

5-Patty the Hereford steer-Sometimes I stare at the side of the barn so long I forget what I was think----

6-Random tame turkey- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Confessions eat turkeys!!! Everything eats turkeys!! FLEE!! FLEE!!! Run into the walls and fence until the questions stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7-Lenny the Gander-Yeh see, this whole confession thing see, it`s not kosher see? Figure you`re out to frame me see? We`ll I ain`t talkin` see! You ain`t getting` nottin` outta me copper! I ain`t no stool pigeon!! (Note from confession jotterdowner-Imagine previous confession spoken in James Cagney voice while gander flips quarter in air and chews on toothpick. I seriously think someone spiked my coffee.)

8-Poe the yellow lab-Sometimes I think-Was that a squirrel?????? Sometimes I think I may have a slight case of obsessive-Was that a squirrel???????????? Sometimes I think I may have a slight case of-Was that a squirrel??????????????????

9-Anakin the Nubian buck-Love child??? I haven`t the slightest idea of –Okay! Okay! I did it!! It was me!! I couldn`t help it! She was so beautiful and so flirtatious…it…it just happened okay?! But I swear on my mother`s udder I had no idea Jennifer had been betrothed to another buck! STOP BADGERING ME!!!!

10-Lu-Lu the cat-I have nothing to confess to. Confession means I did something I feel badly about. Can you not see the halo above my perfectly pointed feline ears???? Now move along woman and let me nap before the claws come out!

List ten things about yourself. Check. Sort of…..

And the final prerequisite is to pass the award onto 10 other blogs. Can do! If any of you have received this award already or simply don`t wish to participate that`s cool as a radish with me! Here we go-

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All the above are wonderful blogs that I have found to be very entertaining and enjoyable and very much deserving of this loverly award!


houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks for the award!

Lu-Lu, that's the best way to play it! Never let them see you sweat!


Mister Oz said...

Uh oh, the pressures on me!

Thank you for the award and your kind words, FF :-)

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Congrats on the award!

Brenda said...

I love your imagination and your farm critters!

small farm girl said...

Thanks for picking me...I think.

stevietaylor319 said...

Haha! I just found your blog. And I laughed out loud at the licking paws/wet spot. I just sat in a wet spot this morning and, luckily, the culprit was already outside doing morning business. B.c said culprit should not have been on the couch last night anyway! Why, why must you lick???!!!!