Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Purrs & Wags!

Hello fans of fabulous felines it`s me that tortoiseshell delight Lu-Lu!

I had a question and since my lady is too busy on her hands and knees using a hanger to tug my precious foil balls out from under the stove, I thought I`d use her laptop thing and ask you all. Maybe you can make sense of this because I`m stumped, and she`s no help whatsoever, what with her head on the floor sneezing at the dog-hair tumbleweeds she`s pulling out as opposed to my toys. (Please note that all the loose hair belongs to the dogs. Cats do not shed; we swallow our fur then cough it up later. Usually on the carpet or furniture which is a much more economical way to get rid of loose hair don`t you think?)

So while she mumbles and snorts I`ll bat this your way and see if you can figure it out.

The other morning after a rather boring night-I only got yelled at once for rolling one of my foil balls into the door repeatedly-I went gliding out when the lady and the man got up. The dogs ran. I glided quickly- a huge difference. When my lady goatherder tripped over the short-legged leaping dog to open the front door she said, and I quote-‘Time to let the four dogs out.’

After I spent some time chasing the three dogs around on the porch her words made me stop. I sat down in her flower box and counted all three dogs as they went about making their duties in the yard.

I counted and counted as they milled around rolling on their backs in that nasty wet mud stuff. She did say four dogs. I heard her and as you know cats hear very well, when we want to that is. Did we get another dog?! I sure hoped not since three of the slobbering mutts are more than enough for one sleek cat like me to put up with!

When she opened the door back up I came in with the dogs. Now every morning since then she says the same thing! It`s really getting my whiskers knotted since I`ve searched high and low and can`t find this fourth dog!!

So you other humans, can you answer my question? Do they make invisible dogs?? If so, can we make the three I share my house with invisible too??That would be awesomely cool!! No more having to watch them being so grossly affectionate with their kisses and their wagging tails! *Shudders*

I`ll be over on the counter pushing the man`s spare change into the dog water dish just for fun, so when you humans have some answers you`ll know where to find me.


Yoda & Brutus said...

Uh, Lu-Lu - we hate to break this to you, but we think that she was referencing you as the fourth dog. Don't worry - maybe your human is just going a little crazy and forgot that you are a cat.

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Brenda said...

Ohhhhh ... watch out when Lu-Lu figures this one out! I smell a healthy dose of revenge brewing!

small farm girl said...

LuLu, yes there is an invisible dog. And since you haven't noticed yet, there are three invisible cats as well. That's how your foil balls are getting under the furniture. Because we know that you wouldn't put them under there. Your too puuuurfect.

Nezzy said...

Dear Lulu, In answer to you question of the century there are really invisible dogs. I owned one once when I was a young'en. I even asked a nice neighbor lady who was visitin' if she wanted to see my dog. The pretty lady looked at me very strangely as I asked her to pet my little doggie. That pretty neighbor never came by for a visit again. Mama took me to he Doc shortly after that to make sure all my marbles were in place. He told her a very vivid imagination was a sign of intelligence....just sayin'! Now go share some kitty treats with that invisible dog.

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

houndstooth said...

*ahem* Lu-Lu, I'm afraid they are talking about you! Mom says she hopes there are no invisible dogs because those cold noses would be completely unexpected.


Mister Oz said...

Well, Lu-Lu, before I can help shed light on your predicament, I need to know if this occurrence is before the human's coffee or after? Also, if it happens in close proximity to the words "brains" or "blarg" -- in which case you'll just need to accept the indignity.

Feral Female said...

Dear Humans-

Thank you for clearing this up for me. I am rather affronted and my vengeance shall be felt by many toes!