Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Calico Tales

As you can tell this is a trip down memory lane in honor of our bean cat Susie.

Over the past week since she left us for the rainbow bridge, we`ve had lots of time to sit around and reminiscence. Owning an animal for nineteen years leaves a wagonload of memories, many good and a few bad. Just like their owners our pets can`t be good ALL the time. * Sighs and removes Lu-Lu`s claw from sock*

I thought I would go chronologically which would make the most sense, but this is Feral we`re talking about so if I tend to stray from the time-line someone holler and hold up a fresh cup of coffee, I`ll track myself back by scent alone!

I clearly recall when we first got Susie. It was back before Mister Yodeling and I were even married and stegosauri roamed freely over our county. Just ask my daughter, she`ll vouch for how old-dang! Classic he and I are.

We were living together *Gasps* in this little rented tin-box of a mobile home in a trailer park at the end of our road. Since we couldn`t have dogs we opted for a kitten. While visiting our neighbor and Mister Yodeling`s long time buddy Mister L. one day he offered us a kitten from a litter someone else`s cat had in his garage.

*Scratches chin* You know, as I ponder on it, Mister L. is the same man who gave us Lu-Lu. Good gracious he`s a feline dealer! This is just like ‘Breaking Bad’ except he deals in kittens…or he has a very cat-friendly garage. Hmmm, I`m not quite sure…... I smell coffee-Thanks gang!

We brought the little tri-colored kitten back to the Box-O-Death which is what we affectionately called our cubicle. It was sincerely that bad I do not lie. Sweltering hot in the summer and ice formed on your toes in the winter. But we were young and in love and well, you know, we managed to find ways to stay warm. *Waggles brow* But I digress…

We discovered much to our horror, that the wee little thing was covered with fleas. I shudder even to this day. I despise things that bite me, aside from Mister Yodeling since those are only love bites. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bees, wasps-Okay yes, bees have stingers but they pierce my flesh so they are lumped in with the biters. I think we bathed that poor cat at least three times before we were satisfied. She looked absolutely bedraggled and highly affronted let me tell you!

Mister and I decided to name her Susie. To this day I cannot recall how Susie became Bean but it did. Isn`t it odd how that happens? You work and fret over an original or nice name for an animal then end up calling it something else?? Our black lab is named Trinity yet she has ended up being call Doidle Dog, or Doi for short. I will not say what we call Lu-Lu since it would violate the already shaky G rating of this here blog. (Note above references to love bites, waggling brows and cold young lovers.)

Another vivid memory I have to pass along that starred Bean was after Miss Yodeling was born. Thankfully by this time we had moved from the Box-O-Death into a much larger, and temperature friendly, mobile home. We still live in it to this day except now sits on our acreage as opposed to a rented lot. Actually we just made our last mortgage payment! *Does happy goatherder clog dance* Where the heck was I? Oh yes, the day the Earth stood still.

If I recollect properly Miss Yodeling may have been two months old when this occurred. It had been a very, very, very L-O-N-G two months with a newborn. I loved her dearly and still do but she was not the most happy of babies when she was newly hatched.

For those who think that large bosom`s equals lots of milk I am here to pooh-pooh that misnomer. They are not mutually exclusive I assure you! I am, and always have been, blessed with more than my share up top. I could not maintain this tiny baby though. She would howl and scream within half an hour of a feeding. This went on until I could no longer take it and went against our doctor`s wishes and switched her to formula. She was happier, I was happier and I don`t think it stunted her any since she can reach the crackers in the cupboard and I cannot. *Sniffs haughtily*

During this time of every new mother`s worst nightmares Mister Yodeling decided to let me sleep one weekend morning. He rose with Miss Yodeling when she began to cry and let the zombie-fried woman he married sleep. This was a pleasure the likes of which I can`t begin to describe. As most new mom`s know when hubby has to go to work you are the one who usually gets the baby detail during the night.

Anyway, this morning of rest for me ended far too quickly. It had nothing to do with a dirty diaper that needed changed, for he would do that when needed. Sure, he would gag and sputter which always puzzled me. A man can gut a deer without a single qualm but when faced with a poopy diaper they fall into a fit of the vapors. Go figure.

This rude awakening centered on our cat Bean who was about five at the time and still able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The combined shouts of Mister and my child had me up like the proverbial shot from a gun with perhaps an extra hour sleep under my belt. I can only imagine the sight I presented as I stumbled from our bedroom to see what was the matter. Saint Nick I was not! Bean came streaking down the hallway and skidded under our bed.

“What is going on?” I asked as Mister bounced our baby on his shoulder trying to quiet her deafening screams.

“Oh that rassafrassin` cat!” he spit. (He said something beside rassafrassin` but I shall not say what. It was very bad and would definitely rocket us into a sound R rating.)

“What did she do?!” I looked down blearily at the floor and saw our lovely glass picture frame shattered on the carpet lying beside the blanket we would place our precious bundle on. It had been a wedding gift and held a picture of Mister and me on that most special day. I whipped my sight to him and he merely bounced and shushed. My toe may have begun to tap.

“She was up on the entertainment center,” he said over the shrieks,” And knocked the rassafrassin` picture frame down!”

“Did it hit her!?!?” I squeaked and paled simultaneously.

“No. It fell beside her but when I yelled at the rassafrassin` cat she jumped down onto the baby.”

I immediately went into over-protective new mother mode and demanded my child. After a very thorough onceover all that was found of the incident were three cat scratches on her sweet little belly. Some peroxide, many hugs and smooches and a warm bottle of soy milk and Miss Yodeling was right as rain! Man do I wish I would have had my goats back then!

Needless to say by the time all of this was over I was far too rattled to even THINK of going back to bed. That might have been a two pot morning if I know myself as well as I think I know myself.

Bean did mellow of course as the years went by. She lost that frenetic young cat fervor and became a stately old lady content to meander out to the back porch and sun herself, or perhaps mosey into the summer grass if a bird hopped past although the hunting and pouncing were distant memories. It really would be impossible to pass along all the fond recollections I have of her so I chose only two. All kidding aside if we are lucky enough to have all three dogs and Lu-Lu live to be nineteen then we will truly be blessed and our memory cups shall overflow.




Sandra said...

What an absolutely delightful story and so thoroughly enjoyable.
Visiting via Misha and enjoying my visit.

small farm girl said...

You crack me up! Those were memories that will be will you for ever.

Brenda said...

Feral - You have great memories of this special feline friend! I think it is amazing that you had the pleasure of her company for so many years.

houndstooth said...

I know you must miss her, but I think Bean led a life that any cat would envy! Nineteen years is a very nice age for a cat and it sounds like you certainly did very right by her!

Mister Oz said...

Ooh, I know all about cats falling on me and I have the scars to prove it!

Glad Miss was okay.

As you know, even older cats can still be frisky time to time (I shudder to think what Lu-Lu has in store)


Feral Female said...

Thanks for dropping in to visit Sandra!

Yes, we do miss her but she led quite a long and we like to think happy life.

I too shudder to think of what Lu-Lu has in store for us MO!

Nezzy said...

Just think how boring live would be without our animals! Your kitty lived a good long life even after the wrath of the Mr. Heeehehehe!

Have a greatly blessed day!!!