Sunday, March 14, 2010


… keepin` me waitin` as Carly Simon sang back in my heyday.

Here on the hillside farm we have just about two weeks until our does should begin kidding, that is IF they wish to play by our schedule, which they usually don`t. It seems that our ladies like to keep us on the edge of our seats and making frequent trips to check. Checking usually gets us a blank stare and a cud-burp in the face. Once the checker leaves the barn kids come flying out like well greased pigs as goat`s snicker behind their hooves. Somehow I have to think that the entire game is payback for shaving udders before we begin milking, but that’s only my guess.

In preparation for the festivities I spent yesterday getting ready since it was too dern ugly to much of anything else besides watch old Jimmy Stewart western`s with Mr. Yodeling. Not that I don`t like Mr. Stewart for I surely do, but an all-day marathon of western`s counteracts the effects of my beloved java juice. I think I have all the bases covered but just for hoots and hollers we can go over my checklist one final time.

Kidding supplies. Check.

Freshly laundered towels. Check.

Goatpool. Check. What? Oh, this one needs a fast explanation huh? Well firstly for my comic buddies the goatpool in no way has any bearing on Deadpool…. that I`m aware of. Although it is yellow it is not a thought bubble…..that I`m aware of. This is something of a family tradition here. Every year all three yodeling goatherders try to predict what each doe will have-number and sex of each kid-with the winner being allowed to choose the restaurant of their choice for a family meal out! It really is a lot of fun and now Miss Yodeling begins asking about the goatpool weeks before any kids are due. I`ll let y`all know who wins this year`s pool when all the kids are here.

Okay, back to the checklist.

Pregnant goats. Check.




Freshly bedded maternity wing. Check. This is our milking area when we begin to milk, but until we wean the kids it serves as a bonding area. We take the new moms and their wee ones and separate them for a day or two, just to make sure everyone is eating well and mom accepts her babies.

It looks like the checker`s are about as ready as we can be, now it all falls to the checkee`s to do their-Did I just hear goaty snickers?????


Brenda said...

Yep ... Everything looks like it's ready. Your girls look like they're getting close. I think I do recognize a goat snicker or two though. It seems like a year that they keep us guessing about exact due dates! Happy kidding!

small farm girl said...

I can hardly wait!!!!

houndstooth said...

I could hear the goat snickers all the way over here! I wish you good luck this season! It looks like you're all ready on your end!

Feral Female said...

We are indeed ready and very anxious for goat kid hugs!