Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Friends Award

Indeed I have been blessed with some sweet friends!

This award was given to me by that radiant greyhound lover Houndstooth over on her blog Tails and Tales. The rules that go along with this award are that you have to display the award on your blog, list ten things you enjoy doing and do one of them and list ten other blogs to share the award with.

Since it`s been awhile since we`ve heard from her I thought I would let Lu-Lu, the tortoiseshell terror, list ten things she enjoys doing. * Sneaks off snickering with romance novel to draw bath while cat types*


Hello fans of fabulous felines!

Finally I get my paws on the keyboard! Since she knows how clever and humorous I am she asked me to list ten things I enjoy doing. I was more than pleased to do so in the off chance some poor little kitten should need guidance in how to maintain a feline code of conduct, since we cats only do what we like to do. Unlike dogs, who will leap about to please their humans. Ugh. So for the young kitties here are my top ten favorite things to do!

1-Sleep all day on mans pillow ensuring he gets cat hair in his inner ear canal.

2-Play all night when the humans are trying to sleep.

3-Investigate all high places in house, including refrigerator top, then knock things from high places.

4-Lay in the hallway at night and attack sleepy humans as they go to the bathroom.

5-Eat Kit-N-Kaboodle and ONLY Kit-N-Kaboodle.

6-Torment sleeping dogs despite that old human adage about leaving them lie.

7-Go in and out repeatedly at 4 A.M. until someone uses my name as a sentence enhancer.

8-Chase the old cat until someone uses my name as a sentence enhancer.

9-Supervise yodeling goatherder`s bath time.

10-Dig in my cat box until litter covers carpet or someone uses my name as a sentence enhancer.

Those are some of my favorite past-times and here are some of the human ladies favorite blogs. I hope you enjoyed my list and that you enjoy the blogs she has picked out to share this award with. I see quite a few with dogs in the titles and I have to wonder why more cat`s don`t blog. I`ll ponder that while I nap until dark.

Yours in mischief-



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Thanks to Houndstooth once again for the award and for explaining the procedure for links to this classic goatherder! I hope the above links work and that they will take you to new blogs that I enjoy and new friends to make along the way!


Nezzy said...

I'm lovin' reading kitty's favorite things, what a hoot!

Ya'll have one terrifically blessed day!!!

Brenda said...

Thank you SO much for the Sweet Friends Award!

Lu-Lu ... as always ... I enjoy your posts! Keep your humans on their toes! I'm afraid that my barn cats will have to do without your words of wisdom. They are on duty out in the barn and milk parlor keeping the mice away! And, of course taking their naps in unusual places. I have to admit that they're already pretty good at trying to trip me up if I'm carrying a hay bale through the hallways in the barn. So, I think you'd be proud of them! Have a great day!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I did post a comment earlier. I did!! Blogger and I don't always see eye to eye :) Thanks so much, sweet friend you! I always enjoy your posts, and Lu-Lu has seriously outdone herself today! -Tammy

Feral Female said...

She is one spunky little trickster that Lu-Lu!

It was a pleasure to pass some friendship along to you all. =)

houndstooth said...

Lu Lu, your way with words always amuses me greatly! It's fun to find new blogs to look at, too!

small farm girl said...

Thank you! I enjoy reading your blog too!