Saturday, January 9, 2010

Purrs & Wags-A bad day to be a cat

Hello fans of fabulous felines; this is Lu-Lu taking control of the laptop to vent while the lady is busy.

Today was a very bad day for me and I am very angry about something! Why, I`m so mad I could spit!

Let me tell you why my furs been rubbed the wrong way but first I want to explain about cats and our need to hide and stalk from the shadows. This is very important stuff for us cats because it hones our already fabulous hunting skills. We work HARD at finding dark places to lurk and sleep and pounce out of when some unsuspecting dog or bare human foot walks past! So when someone just comes along and yanks one of your best hiding/sleeping spots out the door it makes a cat`s whiskers curl in contempt!!

My favorite secluded spot was taken away today! Without one word from that lady these strange men came in and removed it!!!! It took me a good six months of shredding and perseverance to tear that stuff down from under the lady and man`s big plush human basket!!! And now, in one foul swoop, it`s gone!! Gone!!! She could have at least warned me about it, but did she?? No!! Her toes are mine rest assured.

And if that wasn`t bad enough, the man then had this brilliant idea to put a thin piece of wood…I think I heard him call it paneling…. I can`t be sure because I had my ears laid down flat I was so ticked off. He put this paneling stuff underneath the new human basket they sleep on so that I can`t even BEGIN to make a new super hiding /cat napping place!!

Now if you were a cat wouldn`t your tail be kinked too!?!? Talk about rude! He thinks he is SO smart but we`ll see who`s smart when I sit on his face in the middle of the night. Never cross a cat. Just because I`m not black doesn`t mean those rude people of mine won`t have bad luck for awhile or cat fur from a very unpleasant place stuck to their eyelids.

Then to top it all off, she…that yodeling goat lady…found that choking thing that jingles hidden in my ultra-secretive napping nook. I thought I had it well hidden in there but she just HAD to spy it! Now the dumb things around my neck and I jingle when I stalk! JINGLE!!! The shame of it all.

Got to motor, there are plans of retribution to make before they go to sleep.


houndstooth said...


That sounds horrific! You have my deepest condlences. I hear that wood is good to sharpen claws on, though. Perhaps you could make a hole in the wood and then into the new box spring? That would be a deluxe hiding place!


Brenda said...

Lu-Lu, Maybe you could negotiate with your humans for one of those cat towers with all the great places for naps built into it. It would also come in handy to plan your attacks to pounce onto them from above! Just a thought ...

small farm girl said...

LOL!!!!! How do you come up with these post. Great imagination!

~Tonia said...

LOL Poor Little LuLu!! So mistreated....

Feral Female said...


I like the way you think! Are you sure you don`t have feline blood?

Also I enjoyed the suggestion about the cat tower and the air-bourne pouncing!

Yours in devilment-