Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Passin` the love along!

Ain`t this pup just as cute as hogs whiskers?

This award was passed to me by Houndstooth over at her blog Tales & Tails and I thank her for the nod, and the award! Now I shall show some love to my fellow bloggers as well by passing the gift on.

Some of these blogs you may read, and some not. All are worthy of attention and hopefully will help keep you all entertained during these long and oh-so cold winter days!

Oh, uhm…since I`m not all that savvy when it comes to computers and linkages and technological what-not’s I`ll direct you to my Bloggin` Buddies list for the links that will whisk you away to each of the blogs below!

*~*Granny`s Best*~*

Over at Brenda`s blog you can find a wealth of information about goats milk cheese and how she makes her wonderful looking creations. It`s a fascinating read and chocked full of great pictures of her dairy farm. If anyone out there is thinking of learning how to make cheese or simply wants to learn about the process, Granny`s Best is the blog to read!

*~*Pink Sunshine*~*

Houndstooth has a skill with humor and wit that many who read her doggie blog are very familiar with. Pink Sunshine shows us that there is much, much more to the woman than just her dog stories. Here you will find wonderfully penned poetry and short stories that always touch me when I read them. Stop by and be moved by her words!

*~*From my front porch in the mountains*~*

Misha has a lovely blog that is charming and fun. Her entries about her horses are always beautifully done with gorgeous photographs and stories that warm the heart. She writes well crafted entries that capture the joys, and sometimes the hardships, of living with animals of all sizes.

*~*The Simple Life*~*

Tonia`s blog is always charming and filled with the things that make living the farm life so wonderful! Friends, family and animals both large and small, things are always warm and welcoming over at The Simple Life!

*~*Letters from Chase*~*

What can I say about Chase`s blog? If you live with a cat now or have in the past or even know a cat from another life, Chase`s blog will keep you in stitches! Each entry from that cantankerous feline is not to be missed! Lu-Lu herself claims Letters from Chase to be her favorite blog bar none and gives Chase two paws WAY up! (Why does that worry me so??)

I hope y`all find new friends and enjoy the wonderful reads of the above skilled scribes!


Brenda said...

Thank you so much for sharing the Love! I appreciate the kind words very much! As always, I've enjoyed reading your post this morning. I'm going to go visit some of your blog friends. Have a great day! - Brenda (Granny's Best)

houndstooth said...

Awwwww, thanks! I'm surprised you mentioned the other one!

If you need help with links, let me know! I can explain it in Canuckian!

from our front porch... said...

Gosh, I am blushing! Too sweet, you are!!

And you lucky dog, a new tractor! I am drooling on my keyboard..

Thank you, friend!
xo, misha

~Tonia said...

Ahh Geez you talk about me and then I Missed it some how!!Lol Slipped past me in the updates!!
Thank YOU!! For the compliment!

Feral Female said...

It was my pleasure! Each of those blogs are worthy of much love and mention!

I shall take you up on that offer Houndy said the woman who forgot to have the url`s on each side of the link in her siggy for months! *Laughs at self heartily*