Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fun & Games & Blue Collar comics

Hey gang! Come on in, grab a cuppa and shake the snow off your Carhartt jackets.

I hope the beginning of 2010 has been good to everyone so far. It`s been colder than the wicked witch of the west`s heart here which isn`t anything new for North central PA in January but it does limit my playtime with the outdoor critters. When it`s 10 degrees out with a chipper wind coming off Lake Erie we tend to run (or in my case waddle like a penguin due to the falling-downitis affliction I have) out and rush through the chores then dash ( or waddle ) back to the warmth of the woodstove.

I`ll do my best to keep things up-to-date on the barnyard buddies but there may be a slight increase in the indoorsy and introspective entries until the mercury gets above at least thirty. Let me apologize in advance for the introspective ones that come along since my mind likes to introspect different than most.*Smiles impishly*

Since it is so dern cold out we`ve all been trying to find ways to keep occupied. Here is the latest contraption my dear yodeling other has made for Lu-Lu. (Cabin fever + bored male=contraptions, that’s well known math they don`t teach you in school unmarried gals!)

Since it`s too cold for star-gazing we packed away the lenses for the telescope but the tripod has been retro-fitted! Please direct your peepers to the orange pom-pom made from baler twine which is tied to a firm length of wire. Wire is then black taped (Nearly as useful as duct tape) to a broken fishing pole. He just KNEW that broken fishing pole would come in handy someday so isn`t it a good thing he saved it instead of throwing it out like his wife suggested?! *Sigh*

We jokingly coined it the ‘Feline Tip-up’ because when we`re eating in the kitchen that old pole will set into jerking downward and looks exactly like a tip-up they use for ice fishing!

“You got a bite honey,” I`ll say over our meal.

“Bet it’s a catfish,” Miss Yodeling will add.

“Yeah, it`s a great big sucker alright,” Mister will quip.

Every time I walk past the feline tip-up I think of Jeff Foxworthy who might say something like-’You might be a redneck if… you make cat toys out of baler twine.’

Speaking of Jeff Foxworthy * Pats self on back for awesomeness of segway* he played a key role in our first family fun night of 2010. For Christmas I received a DVD version of ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader’ the show Mr. Foxworthy hosts. I have to wonder if someone in my yodeling family thought to get a few guffaws from watching old Ma Yodeling play this game. * Eyes kids with suspicious maternal gaze*

I seriously wish y`all could have been flies on this classic goatherders wall while we were playing that game! Quickly realizing we were at a disadvantage hubby and I teamed-up against my daughter and played head to head. Since you all couldn`t be here to witness the game play I`ll slip a few of many, many dissertations betwixt my groom and I for your reading pleasure.

One question was in the 3rd grade Art & Architecture topic and was ‘Are red and green complimentary colors?’

Mister looks over at me blankly. I have to assume because he sees only primary colors. Our carpet is not burgundy it`s red in his male eyes. I look at the television screen then back at husband.

“Well, they`re Christmas colors,” I said.

“But are they complimentary?” he asked as child shivered on couch with joy at knowing the answer.

“I don`t know! I wouldn`t wear red pants and a green shirt so I guess not.”

“Are you sure?”

“Would you compliment me in red pants? I didn`t think so. The answer is false.”

“Maybe we should peek at the T.V. kid`s answer.”

“Okay, fine peek at the ten year olds answer. His mom probably still picks out his clothes…”

*Huff* “Okay, the answer is false." *Hits button on remote*

Of course I was wrong.

By the time we got halfway through the third of five games we played my husband leaned forward in his seat and said ‘You know we`re going to end up hating Jeff Foxworthy before we`re done here.’

I was getting really close to muttering VERY uncharitable things to the comic who I had admired greatly beforehand. Below are a few more off-handed comments that arose during the battering of adult prides.

“Yes I know I just copied from a person who can`t vote for another eight years Jeff!!! “

“Stop taunting me Foxworthy and just tell me if we`re right or not about where the geographical center of North America is!! “(We were wrong. We picked Kansas, it was North Dakota. )

“5th grade math does NOT have letters in it Jeffrey!! Oh man….*pained groan*”

I won`t bore y`all with the final tally of wins and losses but I will say I bet Jeff Foxworthy`s ears were ringing for a few hours and a certain young goatherder was feeling pretty smug. It`s okay though, just wait until they invent the ‘Which 70`s rock band sang this song?’ game!

Miss Yodeling won`t know what hit her! *High fives Mister Yodeling*


small farm girl said...

I'm right there with you. They should not be teaching kids this stuff. What happened to 2+2=4? I can't even help with step daughter's homework. Not that I want to. lol.
I'm glad you had fun.

~Tonia said...

LOL at the Cat toy!! And the game.... Great stuff!

Brenda said...

Sounds like ya all are having too much fun! It is good to hear that you enjoy "family fun" nights... too many families don't know how to have fun together anymore! Stay Warm!

Mister Oz said...

Uh oh, one of our secrets is out!! (cabin fever plus bored male = contraptions). Also, what looks like we're holding onto because we *might* use it is actually being kept because we *will* use it, we're just holding out until the proper time to reveal it's use. For example:

"What do you mean, saving it for a cat toy? We don't even have a cat"
but then five years later said cat and toy and are in room. THAT's the true genius of man ;-)

Feral Female said...

Ahhhh so that`s the way of the male mind. Thanks MO, now we ladies all get it....well, mostly. =)

I officially lost my math homework helper status when my daughter entered 5th grade. I honestly don`t recall the work being SO hard when I was in the same grade she is now!

Nezzy said...

Amen to that sister! I want to know where the heck they find these fifth graders anyway. This Ozarks farm chick taught school for thirty years and never ever saw such intelligent youngens'!

Sounds like ya'll are keepin' warm and cozy having loads of fun!