Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!!!!!

Aren`t those words every child loves to hear?

Today your friendly neighborhood yodeling goatherder awoke to find her front yard covered in about five inches of wet snow. Well, of course the backyard was covered as well because if it only snowed in the front that would be rather quirky. *Takes sip of coffee to dispel fog in mind*

We had known of course that the winter weather was heading our way so I wasn`t greatly shocked when I came shuffling out to find a note from Mr. Yodeling tucked under my Nubian coffee mug. (He knows me so well…want her attention in the AM? Slide note under waiting coffee mug.)It read something like this….

‘I`m pretty sure there won`t be school today so I took the truck. It`s a blizzard out there!!!’

The man usually isn`t prone to exaggeration, unless it`s reciting tales of the buck with a rack SO wide he had to turn his head sideways to walk through the woods….. Or a turkey gobbler with a beard SO long he had to walk backwards so he didn`t trip over it. Both of those are followed by how he missed the buck/gobbler by THIS much to his buddies most generally but I digress….

So I took him at his word and began the infusion of caffeine. The dogs were all ready to go outside of course so I meandered over to let them out to do their business…..which I wish to reiterate to a certain yellow lab is NOT digging in the burn pit!

Most generally Lu-Lu is a streak as she races out the front door with the dogs every morning but this morning the little devil hit the brakes faster than I would if I spied a comic book convention! Seems cats don`t quite like snow mixed with sleet mixed with rain. Who would of thunk it?

I did mention the weather conditions to her beforehand but in typical feline fashion she thought I was perhaps not as smart as an eight month old cat and opted to make the climate check herself.*Sighs*

At 5:30 the phone rang with the automated announcement from our school district that school had been cancelled for the day. So I crept back to turn off Miss Yodeling`s alarm so she could grab a few extra hours of sleep. It`s funny to me how she can sleep through mostly anything….alarm clock…dogs barking at imaginary something outside…..zombie mother yelling at dogs to be quiet….yet she was wide awake when I reached over her. Teens. Go figure.

I decided to allow the sun to come up before venturing out to do chores since I seem to have a rather embarrassing trend to fall down. A lot. I can slip, trip, stumble and slide on a dry stretch of driveway and nail a perfect pratfall better than Jerry Lewis that is the honest truth. So darkness and slippery snow??? No thanks. I want to see where I fall. Besides my companion animal would be so busy carrying my watering can she wouldn`t be able to assist me like Lassie would Timmy. Thank goodness our well is covered is all I have to say.

The cows of course were out in the messy weather waiting for their grain but the chickens, they were another story. Now the geese don`t seem to mind foul weather * Giggles at own joke* Sorry, I had to stick that in.

Ahem, but the chickens do not. They came out in their usual clucking flurry then stopped dead in their tracks, snow up to their low carriage bottoms. Being the nice goatherder I am I made sure they had enough feed inside the coop but I still got some very dark looks as they waded back inside with damp ruffled feathers.

Now as you can see from the above shot from my front porch there is not a caprine head to be seen. Goats, at least MY goats do not, and let me repeat that, do NOT like snow falling on their exalted hides. We`ve been known to joke that once the goat yard sees a single flake land on a blade of grass no-one would know we own goats since nary a hoof will step from the barn. Of course being made from pure cane sugar as my caprine buddies seem to think they are I can understand their aversion to moisture. I guess, sort of, maybe.*Shrugs*

So now it`s 8:30 and my daughter is still slumbering. Pretty soon though I`ll go give her a shake since the goats need their water checked and that be her job in the morning. It looks like we`ll have a day at home together playing video games and maybe watching a rented movie until she decides to forget her usual teen disdain for childish things and goes out to play with the dogs.

Snow days. They always seem to be cool even if you are a ‘classic’!


from our front porch... said...

Lucky you with that much snow and a true snow day! Hope the goats got their water!!

~Tonia said...

We just had Wind, Cold and Flurries! no accumulation what so ever! the goats ran out and then right back in... That was it!lol

houndstooth said...

I'm actually hoping we don't have any snow days until after Christmas, but no snow day is complete without a sled and some hot chocolate in my book!

small farm girl said...

We had lots and lots of rain, but, no snow. Oh well, might as well enjoy it while we don't have it. I know we will end up with it sooner or later.

Feral Female said...

I`m betting the snow will find you all eventually. If only it could fall just on the lawn to make it look festive and not where we have to walk or drive.

Funny note, last night our temps dropped to below freezing so all the wet snow is now ice. I forsee much slipping and sliding and perhaps a bruised bum on a goatherder before its gone! =)