Friday, December 25, 2009

Purrs & Wags-A cats eye view of Christmas

Hello fans of fabulous felines!

In case you`re wondering no this isn`t the lady who usually writes these this is Lu-Lu, that lady`s adorable and often times misunderstood kitten who is taking a crack at this blog stuff.

When I first heard the word blog I thought the lady was saying dog and immediately discarded any interest in it. Dogs are fun I suppose in their own way… their butts are fun to pounce on when they run by or are sleeping, but aside from their butts I don`t see the draw.

My lady is busy and her laptop was just sitting here so I figured why not? Maybe a feline perspective would bring some class to this blog. Morris knows it could use some!

I do wonder why the people who I allow to live with me sleep all night though since everyone who meows knows that sleeping all day is the key to feline happiness! All the good stuff happens at night, the real prankster kind of kitten fun!

Anyway, since the people are occupied and I`m bored of pulling the fun things off the scratching post they graciously provided me with I thought I`d tell you how this Christmas thing went. I had never heard of Christmas before. It sounded like a lot of work if you ask me, since most of the stuff is done during the day when sensible creatures should be sleeping.

But I was wrong, it wasn`t any work for me at all! It turned out to be fun with a capitol F! First they all woke up, even the kid who usually sleeps nearly as long as we felines do got up. I did my required purring and rubbing of legs and pawing at the front door while they drank stuff in cups that even I wouldn`t put my paw in!

Once they let the dogs out I followed. Now the lady may say it`s because I love to play outside with the dogs that I accompany them, that is a fallacy. The reason I go out with them is because it makes me laugh to see them have to poop outside! In-the-snow!! Dogs, what goofs! I`ve tried to explain to them that you should hold it then rush inside to use the litter box but I suppose you have to consider the species.

After the people did their chores with the big animals they came back in. What kind of animals they are I haven`t the slightest since I don`t go near them. They live in barns and I do not wish to encourage any kind of human thinking about me taking up residence in a barn. Who would I annoy down there? I mean entertain down there?

Once the people and dogs had come back inside I left the dish drainer and watched them gather around the scratching post. The lady wore that red hat that I just adore with the bouncy white ball then sat down to hand out boxes with ribbons. On-the-floor!! Eight tiny holes in her back seems a small price to me, since I did get that darn white ball. I am a mighty hunter!!

After the lady got done making her annoying yodeling/agony sound things resumed quickly and she returned with the man who had to dab purroxide on her back. Purroxide is used here a lot…do you think they`re trying to become cool cats like me??

This was mildly interesting and I observed from a special sneaky spot I have. Cats can see better when hidden, its fact. Suddenly there was ripping paper and ribbons flying all over the room!

The ribbons needed chased and I tried to do so but of course the people had to be party poopers. Is four claws in the thigh REALLY a valid reason to scream out loud and carry on so? I didn`t think so either but the lady seemed to believe it was. She`s an over-actor if you ask me...what is a turn-a-cut anywhos?? Maybe she meant turn-a-cat which sounds like a blast!

Of course the dogs were enjoying themselves, allowing the kid to stick bows on their heads. What self-respecting animal would walk around with a bow on its head?! I don`t allow even a collar to mar my feline beauty let alone a dumb bow. When the kid tried to stick one on me….well let`s just say the purroxide came back out. I`m sure she won`t try to treat ME like a dog again!

There were lots of new things to investigate and since that is my duty, I investigated. Old granny cat or cranky-puss as I call her ignored it all. I thought she should wake up and partake of this Christmas thing but as soon as I leaped on her butt the people yelled. They yell a lot.

I think they have hearing troubles or something and just like to yell my name at the end of all their sentences to give their statements more pizzazz! Just add Lu-Lu to any of your sentences and it springs to life, like a kitten who found a catnip field! Try it people, you`ll see. My name is a sentence enhancer!

Overall I give the Christmas thing three purrs out of four. The scratching post has been a blast, the ribbons were neat and the new socks the kid got that I stole and ran off with were a gas! Now if the people could just schedule this Christmas thing at night it would get that last purr of approval.

Got to motor, there are sleeping dogs that just can`t be left to lie!


houndstooth said...

Lu Lu, I knew you'd be a riot if you ever got a chance to write! I'm glad you enjoyed Christmas overall. I'm sure you can continue to enjoy it all day with a few cat naps in between.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love this perspective of Christmas! Meowy and Woof-y Christmas to all! -Tammy

Feral Female said...

Thanks! I knew I`d be fantastic too, all cats are. I did get some naps in-about 21 hours worth- which is about an hour shy of my required sleep amount but it WAS a holiday and all.

Meowy greetings to you too Tammy!