Saturday, December 26, 2009

In praise of elastic waistbands

I don`t know who the man was who invented elastic waistbands but he has my eternal thanks.

I would honestly marry the male who came up with the idea of that most wondrous stretchy material, but then again I`ve been known to state the same about cut, copy, paste. Although marrying CCP would present more of a problem than wedding the man who first saw the need for elastic on the top of a pair of pants. But since I am already wed to a man who has learned to live with my oddities (Like me telling him I would enter into holy matrimony with cut, copy, paste) I`ll just offer the inventor of stretchy pant-tops my praise.

I don`t know about y`all but over the past two days I have eaten more than any goat or goatherder should. I do hope everyone who stops by for a visit and a cuppa had a good holiday and could control themselves better than this yodeling woman did!

Thank goodness my kitten took over for the Christmas post since I was long past writing after a dinner of baked spaghetti and garlic bread. It went WAY past feeling logy! I was so stuffed from the one o`clock meal I had no room for popcorn when we went to see Sherlock Holmes. ( I`d like to warn you all now that one should not allow a logy goatherder to watch Holmes then come home to write. You`ll see what I mean later in the week….just blame it on carbohydrate overload, too much caffeine and Robert Downey.)

Today we had the second feast at my sister-in-laws house, the family gathering of my husband’s side. Here`s a photo of my hubby`s sister, husband and two dogs Emmy and Jessie. We also had a new pup at the shindig. This adorable guy is Farmall Red, yup that`s really what my nephew named him. Once a farm boy always a farm boy huh Kyle? *Winks*

Just look at this buffet table! Two hams, macaroni and cheese, Harvard beets and shrimp cocktail, buns….

Then of course there was the dessert`s to follow. Monkey bread, brownies, blueberry cobbler and hand-covered white chocolate pretzels with crushed candy cane sprinkles. I ate enough of those pretzels to sink a ship! Of course when my other sister-in-law said there were only eight left I had to bring them home with me….just to free up the platter they were on of course. *Wonders if they bought that excuse*

We always have a good time when we all come together for Christmas. I got to catch up with a nephew who now lives across the country, and chat with family who we don`t see nearly as often as we would like.

There was the standard elf armed with a new Nerf gun and…..really? Armed elves aren`t part of every gathering??? (I think his uncle just took a Nerf to the eye. I know, it`s all fun and games until an elf shoots you in the eye with a Nerf rocket.)

Despite the gluttony of pretzels I free-wheeled into the afternoon was a fun and filling one. Sadly the day’s activities seem to have affected me and Farmall Red the same way. We both need a nap to help digest our meal ….or maybe a cup of coffee to aid digestion would be the ticket??

At least Red doesn`t have to worry about elastic tracks on his belly like a certain yodeling goatherder does. *Sigh*


small farm girl said...

You can't have elastic man, he is all mine! MINE I TELL YOU! lol. I'm right there with you on all the eating. Diet time!!!


houndstooth said...

A moment on the lips, forever on the hips! Gah! I feel like it'll be til April before I recover from all this food!

Feral Female said...

Seems like elastic man has many ladies who adore his invention. =)

I SO relate Hound!

tobeover said...

I have a love- hate relationship with "elastic man". Love him for the fact that he makes those pants soo comfortable...hate him for the fact that they are soo comfortable...there is plenty of room for,it is his fault that I have gained so much weight!! LOL.