Saturday, December 19, 2009

Honest Scrap!

To quote Mark Twain-‘If you tell the truth you don`t have to remember anything.’

I knew there was a reason I admired Mr. Twain so! Anything that helps me not to have to remember something has got to be a good thing…I think I just confused myself. * Scratches head*

Oh well, pressing onward. The other day the lovely and talented Tammy over at Flat Creek Farms (A delightful blog that I encourage all to check out) handed out the Honest Scrap award to anyone who follows her blog. The basic premise of this is to list ten things about yourself, ten HONEST things, then pass the award along to another blogging buddy. This sounded like a hoot so I took up the challenge!

Miss Tammy couldn`t chose just one person to pass the award to and after taking a few days I find I can`t pick just one either. So, I`ve decided to pick three from the good folks who follow along with my yodeling antics to bestow this honor on. After my list you`ll find the names I`ve chosen.

If you`ve done this before feel free to give me an odd look (Wouldn`t be the first one I ever got nor the last I`m sure) and pass it along if you wish. If you haven`t and aren`t too stunned by the magnificent honor bestowed upon your bloggy self then have fun with compiling your list, or pass it along. I`m easy to get along with; just ask Mr. Yodeling….Hmmm on second thought maybe you should ask someone else. * Grins*

Here we are then….ten honest things about little old me, the feralest of yodeling goatherders.

1-I have made it my mission in life to see every movie Ryan Reynolds has ever been in.

2-When I was in elementary school my two girlfriends and I won our Spring Talent show with a bouncy song and dance routine to ‘Hitching a ride’ sung by Vanity Fair.

3-I buy and then hide packages of Milano cookies.

4-When I was a child I had repeated and frequent bouts of tonsillitis. During one of these rounds I was so sick with a raging fever I saw Robert Kennedy in my bedroom mirror. As I look back now I have to conclude this happened after he had just been assassinated and I saw the news reports. I would have been seven at the time but the memory is still a vivid one.

5-I cry each and every time I see Old Yeller and any show/movie with Lassie limping.

6-I believe coffee to be the drink of the gods and bow down to the great java deities in thanks for allowing we mortals to partake of their sacred ambrosia.

7-As a child I had my skull cracked open on three separate occasions. Each one I can remember clearly and each time my older brother was in the immediate vicinity. Happenstance or diabolical plot?? I`ll let you decide. (Love you big brother, and I forgive you for the Barbie doll massacres of our youth.)

8-I have been known to fall down. A lot. I have fallen out of a boat, down my steps, up my steps, on snow, on ice, on grass, on flat pavement, at Niagara Falls. (The last one was not my fault. I saw Canada and got excited to be so close to the country that gave us Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds. I made a mad dash to inhale Canuckian air and tripped over a chain attached to an ashtray. Who chains up an ashtray?!?!)

9-I dance and sing along to the oldies songs they play in the grocery store.

10-I am hopelessly addicted to paranormal romances.

Rather scary isn`t it to peer into the mind of one who herds goats and yodels? Now to the three bloggers who I shall pass the Honest Scrap to…


Mr. Oz

Small Farm Girl

Have fun with it if you decide to play along! Now I must be off, the coffee`s done and Gena Showalter awaits! =)


Flat Creek Farm said...

Hooray! I'm so glad someone took me up on this ~ I feel better now :) And you deserve it! What an awesome list you have. The one about the Robert Kennedy vision really got me. Eerie! Thanks for the shout-out too (you are much too kind).
Merry Christmas to the entire YG gang from our FCF gang!! -Tammy p.s. your offspring (and anyone who may be accompanying you) must LOVE you for #9.. hehe!! too cute!!

Mister Oz said...

1. I knew by the time I reached Feral's number 6 I was one of the three to be bestowed with an Honest Scrap award

2. I like trains, photography (especially trains but I'm branching out), music, good pizza, and I really like trains

3. I have absolutely no problem with putting my foot in my mouth. Figuratively, that is, as I can no longer do it physically without crippling myself.

4. There's a cat crammed between my back and the back of the chair I'm typing from as I write this.

5. I love traveling. I prefer on land and sea, but let's face it: who doesn't love to fly, right? To feel the wind in one's hair and be deafened by the rush of the wind in one's ears...oh wait, I'm dreaming. I don't have that superpower...but the plane works when I have to get there quickly.

6. Halloween is my favorite time of year, having supplanted Christmas when I was enrolled in college (ah freedom. Blessed freedom...)

7. I've always wanted to see a ghost just to be sure they exist. I may have once but I was in the throws of dozing with my head bobbing, so who can say?

8. Whenever I'm trying to make a good impression in front of cute women, I become a TOTAL CLUTZ.

9. I graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting, but the only broadcasting I do is on a pair of Motorola's.

10. I have more layers than an onion or an ogre

Thanks Feral and Tammy :)

Feral Female said...

Thanks Mr. Oz for that revealing list. I see we have another member of the 'F-I-M' club. (Foot in mouth)of which I also am a card carrier. I`m glad you played along! My older brother ( The Barbie masher ) is a train lover as well.

Happy holidays to you as well Tammy!

houndstooth said...

Awwww! What a cool award! I still giggle over you falling at Niagra Falls! It could only happen to you! Thanks and I'll pass it on!

Feral Female said...

*Sighs* Yes sadly that trip and fall at the falls is a rather unique trait that I seem to possess. If there`s a way to embarrass myself I shall find it!