Monday, December 14, 2009

From Feral`s Front Porch ( And inside too this time )

This snapshot is what greeted us when we ventured out to do chores yesterday morning. Red sky in morning sailor take warning surely did prove true because not two hours after this shot was taken we got lambasted with an ice storm.

Thankfully we were up and moving early. We managed to race to our township`s cinder pile to stock up then found our tree just as the rain was beginning to fall. We spent the morning decorating and I think she turned out pretty well...if you look at it from this direction! *Snickers* She lists a wee bit to port due to a crooked trunk but it gives her character I say.

Once the official tree inspector checked everything out we all felt much better about our leeward tree. Sadly the 'inspector' apparently found something amiss with one of my decorations though since it was badly battered and chewed sometime overnight. *Sigh* Kittens and Christmas trees, what can ya do?


houndstooth said...

It seems that kittens always feel the tree needs redecorating!

~Tonia said...

We had a cat in the house one year that loved the tree!! He would climb up in it and watch everyone from his hiding spot.
The sunrise pic is beautiful!But YUCK on the ice storm!!Hope everyone is doing okay..

Brenda said...

One year when my kids were small ... we brought in a cedar tree from the farm to decorate for Christmas. That evening we heard noises in the tree and little later a chipmunk ran out and across the floor. It took us by surprise, but it probably was an even bigger surprise to the chipmunk! We finally got the little guy out the door!