Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Dickens of a good time!

Our small town took a step back in time this past Saturday.

And a wonderful holiday time it was for all! Why the Christmas elves even arranged a light dusting of snow for the festivities as a topper for a very entertaining shopping trip. Every year our county seat throws a holiday extravaganza known as ‘Dickens of a Christmas’.

The participants dress in period clothing from Charles Dickens time and stalls line the sidewalk selling various handmade crafts and presents as well as delightful treats for your palate as well!

A portion of Main Street is closed down, and yup those ARE gaslights you see, to allow for horse drawn wagon rides.

Of course someone has to clean up after those massive equines and this darling little goat has the honor of being the official ‘Carrier of dropped presents’. I hope I don`t find any gifts like THOSE with a tag bearing my name. Although I have been threatened with similar package contents just from a differing species if I didn`t start behaving so it`s a real possibility!

Miss Yodeling and I strolled along admiring the handcrafts and the costumes many wore.

We stopped to watch a very entertaining performance from a snake oil salesman who had the crowd in stitches with his witty hawking.

Along the way my daughter did find some gifts for Mr. Yodeling. I would tell you what she got him but he reads all my blog entries so it has to remain hush-hush for if he gets even the smallest sniff of a hint he`ll snoop…...perhaps it`s time for me to come clean about my dear partner in yodeling and goat herding.

*Takes deep fortifying breath*

My husband is a shaker. It`s true. Sometimes he has even been known to pinch and poke presents. I keep looking for a twelve step program geared towards present shakers and pokers but have yet to find any for him so he will undoubtedly shake, pinch and poke this year as well. But since she hid her booty in the….Oops, almost slipped up there! (I`ll show you all later what she got him.)

We ran into friends and family and members of our 4-H group as we meandered from one booth to the next. It really is quite a large draw for our small county with tour buses coming and going to deliver visitors to our quaint town.

The food booths merely added to the atmosphere as the smells of popcorn and crab soup danced on the slight breeze along with the flakes. By the time we had finished our shopping and general gawking those aromas had done their job so we stopped to buy ourselves some fresh soft pretzels.

As Miss Yodeling and I made the long walk back to our truck we chatted and nibbled warm braided pretzels as we passed homes that were as festively decorated as Main Street had been. It was a great way to spend a morning among neighbors, friends and family.

I suppose being called a little Dickens isn`t always a bad thing now is it?

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houndstooth said...

It looks like a really festive day! I'm glad you guys had fun!