Monday, December 28, 2009

Bovine time!- Workin` off the pretzels

Hmmm, I suppose I should clarify the header a wee bit.

The steers of course weren`t workin` off the pretzels, I was. Or at the very least I was TRYING to work off the pretzels along with the other unwanted but merrily added pounds the holidays brought. I don`t know if cows like chocolate-covered pretzels but it seems as if they would.

Seriously chocolate-covered pretzels are right up there with Milano cookies and chocolate-covered cherries in my book! Maybe it`s just chocolate-covered anything will grab my attention quicker than a freebie rack of Deadpool and Ironman comics. *Scratches chin and ponders* Chocolate-covered comics??? Sorry, I drifted off into nerd-land for a moment. *Sips coffee and clarity returns briefly*

Although a solid milk-chocolate Ironman in my Easter basket would…FERAL!! Focus! (I need to switch from this light caffeine stuff back to the full-bore-Chock-Full-O-Nuts brew it seems.)

Yesterday both Mister Yodeling and I decided enough was enough and tugged out the ‘To-Do ‘list. Mine had some major cleaning to hit so I dove into it with a vengeance. First thing was the removal of the tree from our living room much to Lu-Lu`s disappointment I may add. After that mess of shed pine needles was vacuumed up and the ornaments were packed away for next year I moved onto the bathroom.

In all honesty I would MUCH rather have root canal than scrub toilet`s or our bathtub. I`d even skip Novocain for the root canal that`s how much I dislike this particular domestic job. Actually it`s not even so much the toilet as the tub and shower walls.

A classic such as me should not EVER attempt to stand on her head in a wet tub while scrubbing soap scum with vigor. Talk about a recipe for disaster and a lower vertebrae that sounds like Orville Redenbacher`s when straightened afterwards! I am glad to report no major catastrophes occurred while I had myself bent into a pretzel. Mmmm, pretzels…*Eyes four remaining white-chocolate treats with longing*

Once I had my lumbar back into its original spot I moseyed outside to give the hubby a hand. After I got done applauding and he finished giving me a stink-eye we set into the job. Poe thought that this rather nice day called for some fresh holes dug to China. Gotta strike while the grounds thawed must be!

Our task today was to tear out the hay feeder we had in the cow barn and replace it with one the steers could use with greater ease. The wire-panel worked well with the goat boys and when the cow boys were smaller, now though a certain huge Herefords head couldn`t reach the hay.

First we hustled (Well, hustle meaning shove and push) the two steers out of the barn then closed the gate in their faces. Disgruntled barely covers the attitude Patty and Bubba had and the entire time we worked my wee baby Patrick kept playing a game of ‘I spy with my bovine eye’ with me.

Wee baby…*Snickers* All several hundred pounds of him.

It went amazingly well and by lunchtime we had the new and improved hay rack done. As you can see from the photos we are what we like to call frugal not unlike that gourmet who used to be on television. Why run out and buy lumber when with a Jonsered and a rugged goatherder hubby we can cut down our own posts?

If there is one thing my husband is a whiz at its chain-saw carpentry. Drives my one brother-in-law crazy when he arrives and lays an eye on some of our projects.

“Did you level that roof?” he`ll ask.

“Well, I had the old lady eye it,” my hubby will reply chainsaw running in his hand.

Ahhhh the poor guy, we love ya Dave!

Judging by the mouthfuls of hay the steers are chomping on we have to conclude that we got a ‘Hooves-Up’ for the job and maybe I burned off a pretzel too!

Now if only those four remaining ones would stop calling my name…….


Anonymous said...

ROTFL! You are very funny! Of all things to be covered the pretzel has the least calories. At least that is my way of rationalizing why I would go ahead and eat the last four.

Feral Female said...

Hi Barbara! I like the way you think!!! =)

Spring Lake Farm said...

Starting Monday morning with a smile on your face.....priceless. Thanks!

Wishing you and yours a awesome 2010!


small farm girl said...

You write the way me and my best friends talk. You are soooooo funny! It feels like you are in the same room during a get together. Too bad you live so far away, we would be happy to have you join us.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the enjoyable post! By the way ... I like the hay feeder ... and the chocolate thoughts!

houndstooth said...

I say those pretzels are just begging to be eaten and you should put them out of their misery!

Mister Oz said...

Speaking from experience, since I've seen a Hereford lovingly devour a Snickers (or three) in the past, it stands to reason those pretzels would be right up their alley as well, provided you hadn't beaten them to the plate :)

Choco covered comics...hmm, maybe... *shakes head to clear inappropriate thoughts* Oops, I've got a world to go save or something!!

Feral Female said...

Well the deed is done. The pretzels shall not see the light of another day. I feel no remorse.

You know SFG thats something that Houndstooth and I have talked easy the blog entries flow for us because it`s like sitting down with freinds and swapping stories over a cuppa. And truly that`s exactly what our blogs are, ways to catch up with friends old and new. =)

Nezzy said...

This Ozarks farm chick will eat anything covered in chocolate....surly the cattle would too. We have a snowstorm a movin' in so right now the animals are eatin' everything in sight.

Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed New Year!!! :o)

Feral Female said...

Hi Nezzy!! Chocolate is a wonderful thing is it not? Thanks for dropping in!

And a hello to Carol as well! Glad to see you here, hope you enjoy the place just be mindful of the nanny berries. =)