Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update Time!

It`s time for T.F.Y.G.H. updates!

Holy moley I just realized that I sounded a good deal like Charlie Farkeson doing his news reports on Hee-Haw! The only thing I`m missing is a slew of egg cartons to use as paneling and……

Oh. Uhm. Tee-hee.* Blushes * Well at least I don`t have a chicken sitting on my news desk/ kitchen table. At the moment.

It has been awhile since I posted some entries about some of the critters and their goings-on so I thought I would try to get you caught up. We`ll start off with the bovines and go alphabetically, although they are also called cows which would put the chickens before them unless you used the term fowl which… *Takes sip of coffee and mind clears instantly * Thank goodness for Folgers!

To the cow barn!

The first update has to do with our Holstein steers name. Yes, the poor thing FINALLY has one after much deliberation amid we three goatherders. His official moniker is Bubba J.

I hope that if Jeff Dunham reads this he takes the news of our cow sporting the name of one of his creations with the obvious good humor he seems to possess. (We love you Peanut and Achmed!)

Bubba`s name actually emerged from Mr. Yodeling calling him ‘Bub’ over and over while doing chores. I, being the comic geek queen that I am, leaped on that and wanted to call him Logan since Wolverine uses the term ‘Bub’ when he addresses people…right BEFORE he does what he does best mind you!

That idea was nixed rather quickly in a round of very democratic voting (I still think a monarchy is a sound and rational idea as long as I`m ruler) then my daughter suggested we just call him Bubba J. It seemed to fit. He does at times look like he spends too much time watching NASCAR and drinking beer. (Note his tongue in the above photograph.)

Bubba J now resides with our Hereford steer Patrick as you can see. They seem to have struck up a nice, amiable cow friendship. Hopefully they won`t require therapy to sort out the species-confusion issues that manifested from them living with goats. I`m not sure our large animal vet has a diploma in psychiatry. I`ll have to ask the next time she`s out.

To the goat barn!

The goats are all happy and contented and back together. The love train made the trip back to my friend Marcia`s to bring home the two visiting dignitaries and is now sitting silently on the side tracks until next fall.

Romance being what it is the ladies and gentlemen seem to have fallen into the ‘After-Courtship’ humdrums. That time when the flame and passion spurred by long loving looks flashed coyly from the ladies and the robust pronouncements of love ever-lasting and enduring from the caprine gentlemen slackens into ‘Meh. I`m hanging with my buddies’ and ‘What-evah! Me and the girls are going shopping in the side pasture.’

Now we just wait. Five months seems like a very, very long time especially over what is usually a cold, dreary and painfully drawn out winter but I suspect that before we know it those midnight vigils in the goat barn will commence. Truthfully those wee kids struggling to stand and nurse for the first time as mom talks to them with encouragement is what keeps us so enraptured with our goats, their winning personalities and charming foibles aside of course. *Winks*

To the bat-cave! Sorry. To the poultry coops!!

As those of you who own poultry know aside from molting as the days grow shorter not much changes in the lives of our feathered friends. Spring is the season that finds the most hub-bub especially with the turkeys and geese since they`re seasonal breeders. So the birds are pretty much doing what they do every day, eating and scratching about in the cow and goat barns. Sadly I do have some glum news to relay in our fowl updates.

I lost my duck Wade about a week ago. Apparently something got into his enclosure and hauled the poor drake off in the night. We did a thorough search yet couldn`t find one feather the following day. He will be sorely missed. I have a special love for my web-footed birds and the ducks especially so. Wade was a one-of-a-kind drake, odd as a cod yes, but his antics we`re a great source of laughter for all of us here.

Since I`m now totally duck-less I have already announced that come spring this yodeling goatherder will be ordering some ducklings from the feed store. Both Mr. Yodeling and Miss Yodeling know how much I enjoy my ducks and are one hundred percent ready for wee little fluffy ducks come spring! We will miss you Wade.

Back to the house!

The indoor critters are all doing well since their last tales were blogged. Life for the dogs and cats is good yet of late they`ve been kind of blasé about entertaining things. Well, aside from our kitten Lu-Lu that is. I have never seen anything with as much energy and sass as that kitten! She recently made a trip to the small animal hospital for ‘The Operation’ and now has a bare soft belly that we love to rib her about. She finds very little humor in her naked abdomen though.

My old calico cat Bean is still hanging in, bless her ancient heart! We all thought she was going to leave us a month or so ago when she suddenly became ill and the weight just fell off her. At 19 years old we are more or less just taking each day as it comes with her, but so far she is still avoiding the grim reaper. She`s started eating again and her eyes are quite a bit brighter. She spends most of her time now lying in the sun cat-napping and spitting at that whipper-snapper kitten. I can almost envision the old gal with a cane in her tri-colored paw waving it at Lu-Lu in vexation.

Oh! There was a sighting of the lost cat collar about a week ago! My daughter found it mysteriously lying on her bed and I hurried to snap that adorable little belled thing around Lu-Lu`s neck. Needless to say I have since done laundry and Lu-Lu used the dryer for her time-traveling expeditions. The collar is now nowhere to be found again but I have suspicions that in a galaxy far, far away an Ewok has a snazzy paw-print yellow belled bracelet.

Or that could just be the caffeine and my geekiness talking!


Flat Creek Farm said...

I enjoyed the critter update! Sorry to hear about Wade :( But glad Bean is doing some better. Bless her ol' calico heart! -Tammy

houndstooth said...

Awwww! I'm going to miss the Wade stories! Bubba J., thank gosh you got the majority vote!

Feral Female said...

I`ll miss Wade too, he was a rather unique duck to say the least. =)

Yes the old calico cat is quite a fighter it seems!