Monday, November 9, 2009

Rural Ramblings

Another photo from our meanderinga around our beautiful county.

This was taken up the road from our hillside farm at our neighbor`s large farm pond, which also happens to be our favorite place to fish for large mouth bass! The Canadian geese are flocking together now and over the course of the past few weeks thier numbers on this pond have grown to the hundreds as they prepare for thier long journey Southward.

There are also a few mallard`s in the picture that seem to be in the same mindset as the hordes of geese. Sadly the drakes striking green heads didn`t show up well since they were in the shade of the mountains. One more sign of the changing season that only nature can provide.


~Tonia said...

Great picture!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Love the picture! (and this time of year) -Tammy

houndstooth4 said...

Very nice picture!

Feral Female said...

Thanks much ladies!